Managing scale and security

Airports are complex environments with many people moving through them at any given time. They also demand the highest security and safety standards.

Envac helps airports of all sizes face the immense logistical challenges associated with waste collection, by automating the process whilst making it cost-efficient and secure.

As general waste bags from incoming flights are placed into the system directly on the apron or at the gate, there is no need for manual transportation through security or customs.

Terminal buildings

Our waste inlets are typically well distributed throughout arrival and departure halls, leisure areas and at the gates.

The inlets are connected to a hermetically sealed pipe network hidden within the fabric of the building, which then discreetly – and automatically – transport waste to a collection station located on the outskirts of the airport.

There is also the option to connect all litterbins to the system, avoiding frequent manual emptying routines.

Going green and cost-efficient

Our system not only has the potential to improve the environment for travellers and airport personnel. It is also a way in which airports can reduce their carbon footprint and gain Airport Carbon Accreditation credentials as Envac is powered by electricity.

Traditional methods of waste collection and transportation generally rely on vehicles powered by combustion engines, which negatively impacts air quality.

Our system can also help airline catering facilities improve their recycling levels.
With Envac, turning huge amounts of food waste generated by the aviation industry into biogas has never been easier.


Kitchen Waste System

Handling waste in large-scale industrial kitchens or catering facilities is a significant challenge.

Our kitchen waste system facilitates impeccable hygiene and minimises cross-contamination. Hermetically sealed steel waste inlets throughout the kitchen’s preparation, dishwashing and cleaning areas are connected to our state-of-the-art pneumatic waste removal system, eliminating the need for unhygienic manual waste handling.

The inlets can be used for different types of waste and recyclables making the system sustainable as well as sanitary.


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