Optimised collection of household waste

Envac’s optical sorting solutions can be used by cities and regions of all sizes and can reduce transport and collection costs by over 50% compared to competing systems

Our optical sorting can be combined with our smart garbage collection system or with the municipality’s existing collection method for cost-effective handling that also increases the recycling rate. With our technology, it is easy to meet all the requirements of the new packaging regulation.

Compatible with existing collection method and equipment.

One bin for all bags creates happer end-users and increases recycling rates.

Helps you reach your environmental goals and contribute to the green transition.

How does it work?

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Households separate their waste into different fractions at home, in bags with different colours. One colour for one fraction. All bags are disposed in the same bin. The bin is emptied using one truck only.The bag as are brought to a central recycling facility. From the waste bunker, the bags are transferred via conveyor belts to the optical sorting stations where the bags are separated according to their colour. At the end of the sorting process, the sorted fractions are collected in a large container. From here they are transported by truck or train to a material recycling facility to they can be brought back into usage. Organic waste is transferred to a digestion facility to produce environmentally friendly bio-methane which drives the waste truck. No need for fossil diesel fuel. Residual waste, i.e. all waste that cannot be material recycled, is brought to an incineration facility where it used as fuel to produce central heat and power. In countries, where waste incineration is not applied, it is landfilled. Envac Sorting can be used with manual collection equipment or with an automated waste collection system. The same sorting plant is used no matter the collection method.



Optical sorting:
1 bin for everything!

The system is based on color coding where users sort the waste into bags with a specific color for each type of waste. It makes sorting easy, even for inexperienced recyclers.

All bags are disposed of in the same bin or vacuum cleaner. The bags are then optically sorted, based on color, in the sorting facility. This means fewer transports, which leads to both reduced costs and lower emissions of greenhouse gases.

The fact that all the bags are disposed of in a single bin also saves space for the end users, who do not have to make room for several different bins outside.

Easier sorting

The basis of all recycling is to get users to sort at home. But getting users engaged and motivated to sort and recycle is often a challenge. A key to increased motivation is that both the information and the sorting itself are simple.

We have extensive experience and the local expertise needed to disseminate information and adapt the system to different conditions.

In the GrowSmarter project, the recycling rate increased by 65% in the Valla Torg residential area in Stockholm, Sweden.

Optical sorting + AI
= smart sustainability

Our system’s color coding enables data collection and analysis with Artificial Intelligence when the bags are sorted.

The system can collect information on volumes for different types of recycling, how well users sort by source, when different types of recycling are thrown away and much more.

We then use the data to further improve and optimize our system. With the help of AI, we can also configure the system’s capacity and how often containers and bins should be emptied. In addition, we can use the data to motivate users to even better source sorting. This makes our system smarter and more sustainable than traditional recycling.

A tailor-made solution

Recycling is at the heart of a circular economy, but old and traditional methods can be both challenging and costly. Our optical sorting solutions can be used by cities and regions of all sizes and can reduce transport and collection costs by over 50% compared to competing systems.

An optical sorting facility is tailored to the municipality’s needs and challenges, where we adapt the facility to the amount of waste. The system can handle food waste, paper, plastic packaging, metal, textiles, newspapers, colored and uncolored glass, etc.

Optical sorting can be used both in areas with garbage collection and with manual collection. This means that your existing equipment does not need to be replaced.

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Optical sorting solutions are a sustainable, cost-effective and smart solution for all municipalities regardless of conditions. Read more about some of our various projects in sorting and see how, among others, Halmstad, Eskilstuna and Linköping have chosen to make their waste collection smarter.

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