The Envac automated waste collection system

Our innovative system is technically advanced and the concept is proven and straight-forward.

It makes urban environments cleaner and healthier, and by reducing waste collection traffic helps them become greener and more sustainable.

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AI-powered technology

We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to optimise the Envac system’s performance and reduce carbon emissions and cost.

By collecting and analysing data using AI, we ensure that waste collection is streamlined, sustainable and contributes towards shaping sustainable societies.

Less vehicle movements reduces the negative impact on the environment. It also contributes towards creating greener and cleaner spaces for today whilst laying the foundations for those of tomorrow.

AI-driven data can also be used to monitor usage patterns and enable local government to incentivise users to embrace new and sustainable recycling habits.

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The next generation of recycling

As a result of innovative design and implementation, and a decades-long commitment to changing the way society thinks about waste, we have redefined waste collection by developing the next generation of recycling solutions.

We’ve made source separation smart, sustainable and clean.

In doing this we’ve improved the quality of life for those who use our automated waste collection system and increased recycling rates wherever we operate.

Our technology continues to deliver resource efficiency and create sustainable urban environments of the future.

Creating smart cities

Only by analysing and understanding data can you act on it.

We enable our customers to analyse their waste collection data – in the same way that other businesses monitor data from other key services such as electricity, sewage and water – in order to provide insights that can drive change.

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Our innovative automated waste collection system helps shape smart and sustainable cities.

By reducing carbon emissions and providing clean, green and sanitary waste inlets for both residents and commercial users, we are improving quality of life in the cities where we operate.



Our automated waste collection system provides patients and healthcare workers with sanitary and safe solutions.

With touch-free technology, separate systems for laundry and waste, and a hermetically sealed removal system, Envac provides a smart, safe, and hygienic work and patient environment.



The Envac automated waste collection system collects waste in airports 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, providing a safe working environment for airport staff – and ensuring that airports around the world deliver a good first impression for travellers. Our systems handle waste in terminal buildings, from incoming flights and in-flight catering facilities.



With our next generation of recycling solutions, Envac is leading the way in shaping a more sustainable future. Recycling lies at the heart of a circular economy, but traditional methods are both challenging and costly.

In contrast, our sorting solutions can be used by cities of all sizes and reduce transport and collection costs by at least 50 per cent compared to competing systems.


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