Envac in North America

Envac has been involved in engineering, installation, and operation of systems across the Americas for decades. However, it was only in 2022, after the acquisition of Precision AirConvey, that we established an official North American office. This move formalized our commitment to bringing Envac technology to the US and Canada and introducing the design and implementation of next-generation, resource-efficient waste handling systems.

Through the establishment of valuable business relationships, we aim to create healthier healthcare facilities, smarter cities, improve quality-of-life today, and help secure a greener planet for future generations. Our vision is to achieve this by implementing sustainable waste management practices which reduce carbon footprints, optimize resource utilization, and promote environmental conservation.

Waste disposal point, Helsinki, Finland


Envac North America design, develop and supply pneumatic waste collection systems for smart and sustainable city environments, like residential areas and commercial buildings, for healthcare facilities and airports.

We offer operation and maintenance of our systems including system upgrades and modernization.

We also design, develop and supply optical waste sorting systems.

Waste collection station, Roosevelt Island, New York City, USA

Envac Systems in the United States

Envac has been providing innovative waste management solutions across the United States for more than half a century. With the inauguration of our North American office, we are now fully committed to making our technology more accessible to the general public, thereby enhancing the quality of life for all Americans.

Some iconic US projects with Envac systems:

Children’s Hospital of Atlanta (in progress), University of Pennsylvania New Patient Pavillion (2021), Disney World (1971), Summit Plaza (1972), Roosevelt Island (1975), San Antonio Military Rehab Medical Center (2011)

Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Canada

Envac Systems in Canada

Since our first installation in Canada in 2013, the Envac automated waste removal system has gained wide acceptance and adoption in various settings including residential and mixed-use developments, commercial buildings, and hospitals.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Canadians by making our technology more accessible to the general public and are continuously working to ensure that our technology is easy to use and available to everyone.

Some notable Canadian projects with Envac systems:

La Cité Verte, Quebec; Jewish General Hospital Montreal


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