Benefits for hospitals and healthcare facilities

Waste and linen removal in hospitals just got more efficient! Envac’s state-of-the-art, computer-controlled pneumatic waste and linen removal system utilizes advanced technology to seamlessly and automatically transport landfill waste, recyclables, and soiled linens from various points within a healthcare facility to central, remote locations for compacting, transport, and disposal. The implementation of this innovative solution offers a range of benefits including:

  • Improved staffing efficiency
  • Optimization of space allocation
  • Reduced noise and odors
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Reduction in risk of hospital-borne infection
  • Improved patient experience and outcomes
  • Quick return on investment

To learn more about how waste and linen removal systems work in hospitals and other healthcare settings, please view the interactive image below.

The air inlet valves are designed to bring fresh outside air into the chutes without using conditioned air from inside the building. This ensures that the indoor environment remains comfortable and healthy.General hospital waste, recyclables and linen risers. The number and type of risers, inlet points and their locations are determined by and designed to the specific needs of the hospital.General hospital waste, recyclables and linen risers. The number and type of risers, inlet points and their locations are determined by and designed to the specific needs of the hospital.The Q-chute allows for an entire cartload of trash, recycling or laundry bundles to be quickly loaded into the system while the system continues collecting from other areas of the hospital. The bundles accumulate in a staging area, out of sight, behind the wall and are automatically released into the conveying system based on load and demand. To maintain sanitary conditions, the Q-chute may be fitted with a UV disinfection system and even radiation detection monitors.The pipe network silently conveys waste and soiled linen from the inlet points to the final collection station, concealed behind walls, ceilings, floors, and service corridors. This ensures that the system remains discreet and unobtrusive while saving valuable square footage which can be utilized for other purposes.To facilitate the movement of waste and linens the conveying system allows for convenient transport downward or sideways. Refuse and laundry can even be uplifted, if necessary, from the lower levels or basement areas.The collection area can be situated in the technical area at the rear of the hospital, underground, or in a separate collection station building.
In the collection area the materials are sorted and compacted into their respective containers.Landfill trash and recycling drop into their respective compactors.Soiled linen bags drop into their respective carts.The pneumatic system is driven by efficient high-performance fans.The diverter separates waste which can be recycled from landfill trash.The separators segregate materials from the air, and then compress them into their designated containers.Before being released outside, air is carried through the blue pipes to the purifier which filters the air to remove harmful particles before being released back to the atmosphere.

The process

Envac’s user-friendly system provides a safe and efficient way to transport landfill waste, soiled linen, and recyclables.

Here’s how it works:

Waste or linen is deposited into a system load station located on each floor.  The operator simply swipes their card to initialize the system, which allows for continued operation. Next, the operator selects whether they want to dispose of recycling, trash, or soiled linen.

Once the selection has been made, the interlocked door becomes accessible to the station while the secondary door remains locked. The Q-Chute™ then accepts a full cart of waste or linens.

Our automated conveying system ensures that waste and linens are safely transported, preventing staff exposure to airborne pathogens and reducing the risk of injury.

Envac Waste and Linen removal

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

Waste and Linen Removal

This is animated video shows Envac’s full vacuum system for the North American healthcare sector including the Q-Chute System.

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