Revolutionising Smart City Governance and Citizen Engagement

We are facing an enormous environmental challenge, and with Envac ReFlow we have created the infrastructure that helps cities reach their climate and recycling goals by getting their citizens involved. 

ReFlow is built with the world’s leading experts from the social and behavioral sciences and is designed for sustained citizen engagement. Enabled by novel urban data streams it helps us to visualize waste flows and educate citizens on recycling. 

Easy recycling = Successful recycling

Envac ReFlow provides users with convenient guides to improve the sorting of recyclables and providing alternative inlets when inlets are full.

For the first time ever, ReFlow provides citizens with feedback on their recycling rates and how that is helping to reach the city’s environmental goals.

The app is supplemented with entrance screens that provide the most relevant information and feedback on recycling on a building level.

App clips on each inlet serve as convenient information channels for the residents to get responses to the specific questions they are interested in. 

By motivating users’ recycling habits, Envac ReFlow furthers the circular economy. In the app, users can compare their recycling to that of their neighbours and community.

The world’s first smart meter for waste collection

ReFlow provides the smart meter for the waste industry for the first time in history. For decades, smart meters have transformed the energy sector by smarter energy grid operation and engaging citizens and prosumers. With the ReFlow smart meter, the waste industry can make the same transformation.

ReFlow is powered by Artificial Intelligence to integrate with the energy grid. This enables ReFlow to use renewable energy or avoid fuel-dependent peak hours to further reduce emissions in our already low-emissions system.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle – The 3Rs

With ReFlow each city district minimizes the flow of goods into the district and maximizes the recycling rates of resources that flow out of the district. 

ReFlow enables residents to share equipment and tools, reducing the inflow of new goods to the district and extending an item’s life span by giving away items they no longer need so they can be reused by someone else while promoting increased recycling of what ends up as waste. 

All of this is bundled in a cohesive and educative solution, providing both residents and system operators feedback on the quantity of materials saved, and climate impact reductions.

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