Road to minimising emissions

The system reduces emissions associated with waste handling by improving operational efficiency and optimising energy consumption through automation and sensor-driven technology that can be controlled remotely. The level sensors work only when the system is at capacity, optimising space and ensuring that collection is done periodically. This reduces the need for traffic movement that contributes to emissions in the urban environment.

Energy efficient waste management systems

Systematic running that prevents high-energy use and sensor-based design that uses the system during off-peak hours. By retrofitting existing Envac systems with the latest technology, we have reduced the energy our systems use per tonne by up to 50% over the past ten years. We have the possibility to reach 50 kWh/tonne on all our new systems globally through modernisation, thus reducing energy usage.

Automation Design

Customised configuration understands the specific needs of the smart establishment and provides an equivalent solution. Envac’s Automation Platform (EAP) uses machine learning that enables pneumatic waste collection systems to learn and optimise over time. EAP can also be set to only use off-peak electricity to reduce cost and load on the local grid.

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Less traffic, less emissions

Waste collection vehicles from dense neighbourhoods disappear as there are organised collection stations connected
underground. Our seamless operations also ensures preventive maintenance thus extending the system life so cities can enjoy green, clean living.

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