Envac’s automated system boosts the effect of Stella Futura’s batteries by up to 70% reduced power consumption during peak hours.

Envac partners with Stella Futura to accelerate the impact of automated waste collection with sustainable energy solutions

Automated waste collection can eliminate 90% of the city’s waste collection traffic and changes the way we collect, and sort waste. This is an important cornerstone of planning and achieving sustainable urban cities. Envac is now accelerating its impact on society with automation and implementing sustainable energy solutions to help alleviate and stabilize the National energy grid. 

Envac automated waste collection systems remove overflowing waste containers and litter bins, replacing them with smart and clean waste inlets that are emptied using underground pipes to collection terminals. This closed system removes the foul odour, making littering a thing of the past. The system also reduces waste collection traffic and noise, along with emissions and pollution associated with it by up to 90%, making city life greener, smarter, and more sustainable.

Envac like many businesses is dependent on energy and is determined to turn that dependency into a positive societal impact by installing sustainable batteries in existing systems across Sweden. Envac’s automated system together with Stella Futura will lower costs, increase overall grid efficiency, and boost Sweden’s energy resilience. This initiative will optimize Envac systems into useful energy hubs for which broader use can be explored over time. 

”At Envac we have always looked at how solving one big urban problem can resolve chains of issues. With sustainable energy, our systems cost less daily and can play an essential part in sustainable urban development. This is a big step towards boosting environmental performance.” – Patrick Haraldsson, President, Envac North Europe

The project started in 2022 and has five more battery installations in the plan for the Stockholm area. The current system is levelling out peaks in electricity use, called peak shavings that reduce power costs and energy load. Currently, in many countries, electricity prices are higher than normal and peak loads are a challenge to manage. Envac’s automated system along with Stella Futura’s battery is designed to accommodate these peak loads. During the project, Envac implemented the latest generation control system supporting peak load management. The new control systems tuned operation has reduced energy consumption by up to 30%. Overall Envac’s automated system maximizes the effect of batteries leading to up to 70% reduced power consumption during peak hours.

The initial agreement is worth approximately 50 million Swedish Kronor with an option to expand the agreement to further systems in Sweden. The main objective of the investment is to evaluate and explore further possibilities in tandem with adjacent real estate operators and local administration.

In the picture: Stella’s sustainable battery solutions at Envac site

”Working with urban innovators as Envac is inspiring. To achieve sustainable cities all urban stakeholders, need to contribute to solving more than just one problem. Through our collaboration, it is easier to afford sustainable waste management and it opens up new possibilities for any forward-leaning administration”. – Ulrika Tornerefelt, CEO, Stella Futura

About Stella Futura
Stella Futura is a Sweden-based sustainable energy solutions provider with a long history of installing and managing energy systems in Western Africa. Due to the changing energy situation in Europe and the accelerated emergence of a decentralized grid in Sweden Stella Futura has been assigned stewardship of battery-as-a-service for the leading corporate Nordic bank SEB. Stella Futura only sources traceable technological components from European suppliers to guarantee long-term accountability. Stella Futura is currently engaged in over 20 simultaneous industrial implementation programmes across Sweden.


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