Project type / City

The Hong Kong Science & Technology Park

Envac was appointed as waste collection partner because of its strong record of adding technological and environmental value to the buildings and communities it serves.

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New build
2 waste fractions, General waste/Paper
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The client

Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

The brief

The Hong Kong Science & Technology Park (HKSTP) is a sprawling 22-hectare waterfront ecosystem home to one of the world’s most state-of-the-art laboratories and research and development sites.

From robotics and precision engineering to renewable energy and pharmaceuticals, HKSTP has become globally renowned for attracting tech start-ups and innovative companies.

During the development stage, HKSTP was committed to making its buildings as technologically advanced as the companies that inhabited them and make the development a global showcase, which is why the board opted for an automated waste collection system (AWCS).

Following a competitive tender process, Envac was appointed as HKSTP’s waste collection partner in 2000 after demonstrating a breadth of global expertise and a strong record of adding technological and environmental value to the buildings and communities it serves.

The project

Envac designed and installed a system that would become the first major office project in Hong Kong to incorporate AWCS across two waste streams, which includes mixed waste and paper.

The system was installed over multiple phases, with the first phase becoming operational in 2002. Now, over 15 years later, the system transports nine tonnes of general waste and 2.2 tonnes of paper from waste inlets placed throughout the entire site to a central collection station.

Now, in 2018, there is no evidence of traditional waste collection methods on-site and no overfull bins. Furthermore, as new buildings are created, the Envac system can simply be extended and connected up to the existing pipe network and collection station.

The result

  • A world class waste collection system that complements a world class development
  • A waste collection infrastructure that automatically and seamlessly collects the waste of over 20 high-rise buildings 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Waste collection technology that effectively collects waste from buildings ranging from nine to 11 storeys high
  • Improved collection efficiency. Waste collection now takes place automatically in a matter of minutes compared with multiple waste collection teams spending all day emptying traditional bins
  • Removed the daily presence of waste collection vehicles and operatives associated with traditional waste collection, all of which would have taken up limited space as they continually moved in and around the site
  • Reduced labour force requirements attributable to emptying traditional bins and transport waste from one point to another: waste is simply transported, via airflow, from the waste inlets to the collection station situated approximately 1km away from the waste inlets without any physical intervention
  • Improved the aesthetics of the area. Overfull bins have been eliminated and waste is never seen on site
  • A site that regularly receives positive comments from visitors and members of the community with regards to the absence of waste collection teams


Basic project information

Type of development City

Waste collection capacity 11,2 ton

Country China

City Hong Kong

Client Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation

Envac contract awarded 2000

Launched 2002, Phase SPX1 is under construction

Design parameters

Type of project New build

Type of system Stationary vacuum system

Pipe network dimension (mm) 500

Pipe network length (mts) 2,700

Nr. of waste fractions 2

Type of waste fraction General waste and Paper

Nr. of storage tanks (MOVAC) N/A

Number of apartments N/A

Envac system lay-out

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