Sensors in our system collect data that feeds into a machine-learning software. This use of Artificial Intelligence enables continuous improvement and optimization of the system to reduce environmental impact and cost.

The data collection also helps operators and owners get a better understanding of the waste collection system – in real-time.

The self-improving AI and the data-driven insights makes waste collection management more efficient and reduces unplanned downtime to a minimum. Compared to the old-fashioned ways of collecting waste, Envac’s modernised approach is key to a cleaner and greener environment.

Next-level information and decision making

Our automatic system is the foundation for a data-driven future waste collection. Compared to legacy methods of waste collection, our system does not rely on manual input to understand how the system is functioning and where improvements can be made.

Traditional, manually collected information is bound to be riddled with errors and biases, but our market-leading automatic process removes such errors from the data collection. This provides the operator of the system and any other stakeholder with reliable data enabling sound decision making.

The future is data-driven and automatic

The future is data-driven and automatic, and our system helps bring waste collection into this future. Using AI and big data, we make sure that our waste collection is streamlined and sustainable. Our insights are shared with cities, business owners, hospital directors and airport managers to help them better understand how they can improve their business and environmental impact.

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