Contributing towards sustainable urban development

Sustainability has always been at the core of what we do and is an essential driver of our business. We enable smart, sustainable communities and drive the circular economy by redefining how society thinks of waste – today and for future generations.

With 2.5 billion more people living in urban areas by 2050 and a doubling of the amount of waste generated, cities require smarter and more sustainable waste management solutions. Envac is part of the broader solution by promoting circular resource use and carbon neutrality while improving quality of life and creating added value for property developers.

Resource Circularity

Our solutions promote more circular resource use by enabling highly efficient waste management systems supported by smart digital technology. By collecting multiple waste fractions, Envac’s automatic waste collection systems make it easy for the end user to sort their waste for recycling. This empowers users to contribute to higher recycling rates and more circular resource use in their municipality.

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Quality of Life

Our waste collection systems enhance the quality of life for residents by promoting road safety and creating cleaner and more liveable neighbourhoods. The solution creates space for more green areas that can be used for creating parks, walkways, bicycle tracks, and much more. The system also decreases the need for heavy waste collection trucks and reduced carbon emissions by up to 90 %, as the system automatically transports waste outside the living area in a sealed environment. It enables building smart cities where the living environment is cleaner, free from odour, reduced noise pollution, and minimised risk of vermin.

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Carbon Neutrality

Our aim is to ensure carbon-neutral operations by 2030 – including our own operations and our customer pneumatic waste collection systems around the world. We have success stories and investigations showing that the system reduces carbon footprint by up to 90%, with state-of-the-art product development we have improved the energy efficiency by up to 50% in existing customers’ facilities in the last 10 years.

Internally we are developing strategies and action plans to take us to a carbon-neutral operation by 2030.

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Customer Added Value

Envac systems create added value for building owners, property developers, and society in general such as creating more real estate space and amenities.
The space that is saved from the reduced need for waste collection rooms can instead be used to create added value and increase revenue for the real estate owner by using the saved space for business offices, stores, or similar. As waste is transported away from the buildings we know that customers have been able to reduce insurance premiums due to less risk of a fire starting.

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The United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals

Everyone need to act on this.
We are ready to do our part.

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Business Responsibility

Envac business responsibility involves the promotion of fair practices within operations and supply chain. This includes ensuring that labor standards are met and that workers are treated fairly, as well as supporting and promoting ethical sourcing practices. By prioritizing fair practices, we can help ensure that their operations have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Our core business responsibilities are:
• Working conditions
• Fair and Ethical business
• Diversity and Inclusion

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Sustainability report 2022

Envac has committed to making its global operation carbon neutral by 2030 following the publication of its annual sustainability report. Launched in June 2023, the report illustrates our environmental, economic and social achievements throughout 2022.

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