Road to carbon neutrality

We are working towards carbon neutrality by optimising the energy efficiency of both our systems and our own operations. We also promote the use of renewable electricity where possible. We have success stories and investigations showing that the automated waste collection system reduces carbon footprint by up to 90%. With state-of-the-art product development we have improved the energy efficiency by up to 50% in existing customers’ facilities in the last 10 years.

Energy efficient waste management systems

We are constantly improving the energy efficiency of our systems. By retrofitting existing Envac systems with the latest technology, we have reduced the energy our systems use per tonne by up to 50% over the past ten years. We have the possibility to reach 50 kWh/tonne on all our new systems globally through modernisation, thus reducing energy usage.

Envac’s energy efficient solutions

Envac Automation Platform (EAP) uses machine learning that enables pneumatic waste collection systems to learn and optimise over time. EAP can also be set to only use off-peak electricity to reduce cost and load on the local grid.

Our app, Envac ReFlow, is designed to help both individuals and municipalities manage waste more effectively, while contributing to broader sustainability goals.

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Towards carbon neutrality

As responsible providers of Envac systems, we prioritise using renewable electricity to power them, especially in Sweden. Envac is instrumental in this effort, as our customers make essential decisions. Our system optimisation is energy-efficient and a stepping stone towards achieving carbon neutrality.

Life Cycle Analysis

By 2023, we will use key performance indicators to measure both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the environmental impact of Envac’s system. Furthermore, the new global lifecycle analysis (LCA) will provide a deeper understanding of the critical areas for achieving carbon neutrality in the future.

<50 kWh
per tonne possibility on all our new systems globally

Carbon neutral operations by 2030

3,000 Reflow users by the end of 2023 and 100,000 users by 2027

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