The brief

GIFT City is one of the most ambitious infrastructure-led projects to be undertaken on Indian soil and one that India’s Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, believes will ‘meet the needs of a modern India and create space in the global financial world’.

Its main purpose is to provide high-quality physical infrastructure including electricity, gas, water, district heating and waste, so that finance and technology firms can relocate from areas such as Mumbai and Bangalore, where infrastructure is either inadequate or expensive.

Envac won the tender to provide the world’s first integrated waste and recycling segregation plant, contribute towards GIFT City’s Smart City status through the provision of its sustainable waste transportation technology and ensure the seamless underground automated waste collection of up to 400 tonnes of waste each day throughout a site spanning 886 acres in Gandhinagar.

The project

On its completion in 2025 – 2028, GIFT City will comprise:

  • Residential and commercial zones
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • A world-class trade centre
  • Approximately 25,000 apartments with over 100,000 residents and a working population of 500,000
  • A retail zone that is expected to attract 25,000 – 50,000 visitors each week
  • 115 towers each ranging from 25 – 60 floors

The Result

So far, Envac has:

Created a ‘best in class’ waste collection solution that will service 874,000 people on the development’s completion

Replaced 80 waste collection vehicles with an underground pipe network, supporting GIFT City’s traffic management plan

Created a blueprint for modern-day waste collection in India

Played an integral role in helping GIFT City become a global showcase of excellence and a ‘world’s first’ by integrating its technology within the fabric of the entire development

Added value to GIFT City by minimising the level of human interaction typically required with traditional waste collection and disposal

Laid the foundations of a waste legacy that has futureproofed GIFT City and ensured that waste collection in and around the site will remain clean, efficient and unseen for decades to come.

Laying visionary plans for a world-class development is one thing, but to actually make them a reality is another. However, with Envac we’ve found a partner that has added value to GIFT City on so many levels. The system’s ability to revolutionise the waste collection process, from making the development cleaner and more hygienic by eliminating overfull bins, to making the area safer and more environmentally friendly by removing large trucks from the waste collection process – all whilst reducing the cost of waste collection – is extraordinary. We have no doubt that Envac will continue to support the Clean India initiative and we look forward to rolling out the system as the project develops.

400 tons/day

designed collection capacity upon project completion

2 separate waste fractions

Wet waste/ Mixed waste

1,200 mts pipe network (Phase 1)

for underground transport of waste from buildings to collection terminal

80 waste collection vehicles eliminated

and replaced with an underground pipe network, supporting GIFT City’s traffic management plan.

Smart city

Envac contribute to GIFT City’s Smart City status through the provision of its sustainable, AI-powered waste collection technology.

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