The brief

With a history of installing high-profile pneumatic waste collection systems within the healthcare sector dating back to 1961, Envac was a natural fit for Hainan Cancer Hospital – a cutting edge hospital in Haikou City, China, designed to promote optimism, empowerment and rehabilitation, as well as foster a sense of community for staff, clients and visitors.

To support the hospital’s design and holistic values, Hainan Cancer Hospital required a waste collection system that would save money whilst dramatically increasing the hospital’s productivity and hygiene levels.

The project

Envac developed and installed a system capable of handling the laundry of 1,200 hospital beds and the general waste of over 11,000 staff and patients across the hospital’s 230,000m2 build area.

A general waste system was also connected to the hospital’s staff quarter during the latter stages of the site’s construction.

Envac Kitchen Waste System
Soiled linen is transported in a separate pipe network
There is always an inlet point right where the waste is generated

12 tons/day
designed collection

upon system completion

3 separate fractions

Rest /Linen/ Kitchen Waste

1,800 mts
pipe network

hidden in walls, ceilings and culverts

230,00 km2 / G.F.A

The result

Since the project was fully built out in 2015, Hainan Cancer Hospital’s Envac system has:

Reduced the risk of spreading infections. By minimising the risk of cross contamination from waste-related pathogens, both airborne and physically spread, Hainan Cancer Hospital has significantly improved infection control and cleanliness levels

Minimised the operational cost of waste collection compared with conventional, manual methods, as staff required for transporting waste and soiled linen around the hospitals has decreased

Improved the working environment and hygiene levels – transportation staff no longer have to push and pull heavy trolleys around the hospital corridors, which can pose a risk to staff, patients and visitors

Installed a system that is fully operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and reflects the hospital’s forward-thinking approach to healthcare technology

Added value to the hospital by simplifying the logistics associated with hospital waste collection

The Envac System solves the issues with accumulated waste and ensures a pleasant and safe environment for our patients, assuring them their wellness. The doctors work in a cleaner environment, and so does our kitchen staff. Thus, this system is indispensable in the construction of eco-friendly hospitals.

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