The brief

The municipal company Tekniska verken AB owns and operates a biogas facility, suppling buses and cars in the county of Östergötland with biogas. The target is a region without fossil fules in 2030. This was the main political factor for the municipality of Linköping to introduce household collection of food waste using optical sorting.

The solution

The main reason optical sorted was chosen was it is a proven system, which can be introduced fast and with low efforts and extra costs for house owners. The automated system also meant a lower workload for the staff.

The plant in Linköping sorts two fractions and is run by Tekniska verken AB. The facility was built adjacent to the district heating plant for the rest fraction. The food waste is transported to a pre-treatment plant and the biomass after biogas is produced meats the standards to be used as biofertilizer.

Capacity 48 000 tons/year

Resources Food and Rest

Users 325 000


After launching optical sorting in Linköping another twelve municipalities have joined, without needs of further extension of the plant, which proves the system is flexible and cost efficient. In 2017 an investment was made to increase sorting volumes from 5 tons per hour to 8 tons on each line.

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