Wembley Park

The UK’s first pneumatic waste collection system,
saving space and boosting recycling rates.

Sorting – Linköping

The target is a region Östergötland without fossil fules in 2030. This was the main political factor for the municipality of Linköping to introduce household collection of food waste using optical sorting.

Sorting – Eskilstuna

Eskilstuna was early with household waste recycling. With the higher demands of The National Goals the municipality introduced optical sorting. Within only a few months the target of 50% sorted waste was accomplished.

Sorting – Tromsö

The plant is sorting five fractions and it is combind with a pneumatic waste collection system.


Majadahonda, one of the most important cities in the community of Madrid, were early adopters of environmental quality in services to the citizen and the numerous companies settled in the municipality. Already in 1999 the City implemented it’s first Envac system.


Today Vitoria has 6 pneumatic waste collection systems – the last taken into operation in November 2020. The Arretxabaleta system covers the needs of 34,800 dwellings, the equivalent of 107,200 inhabitants.


During the summer, when this popular tourist spot is crowded 24/7, the system transports approx. 60 tonnes of waste per week without any vehicle having to drive into the crowds to get it out of the area.

Hammarby Sjöstad

After an environmental programme was drawn up for Hammarby, including rigorous sustainability targets and specified the most innovative environmental solutions, Envac was appointed to demonstrate the value that pneumatic waste collection add to a contemporary urban environment.


Proud of its historical city center, with narrow streets and wooden buildings, Bergen has taken steps to safeguard its cultural heritage from fire.
By opting for pipe-based waste collection instead of traditional bin-based collection, Bergen has become a global trailblazer.

Sorting – Oslo

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