Quality of life for residents by promoting road safety and creating cleaner neighbourhoods

The solution gives space for more green areas that can be used for creating parks, walkways, bicycle tracks, and much more. As the system automatically transports waste outside the living area in sealed underground pipe networks, it decreases the need for heavy waste collection trucks and in turn reducing carbon emissions by up to 90%.  It enables building smart cities where the living environment is cleaner, free from odour, with reduced noise pollution and minimised risk of vermin.

Safer streets and more liveable neighbourhoods

Envac systems are highly effective in reducing city street traffic, making them safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users. Recent studies have demonstrated that pneumatic waste collection systems can reduce intersections with crossed traffic by up to 90% compared to traditional truck waste collection systems. This translates into less road congestion, noise, and fewer emissions from traffic-related activities.

In addition, Envac systems help eliminate odors from waste and vermin, making streets cleaner and more hygienic. With fewer waste bins on the streets, residents can enjoy a more pleasant and improved quality of life in their neighborhoods. It’s clear that Envac systems are an excellent solution for creating safer, cleaner, and healthier urban environments.

User friendliness and availability

Envac pneumatic waste collection systems are designed to be user friendly, such as with touch-free waste inlets. Systems are also designed to ensure that inlets are conveniently located close to where people live, and that residents can deposit their waste 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Maintaining the character of historic cities

Envac systems have helped to preserve the aesthetic value and traditional charm of historic cities. This includes urban areas with narrow streets that make traditional waste collection difficult.

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Hospital logistics and safety

Our waste and linen management systems at Envac are ideal for hospitals. They prioritise the safety of hospital staff, patients, and visitors while also cutting costs. Additionally, we provide solutions for collecting infectious waste from hospitals that work well alongside our existing waste and linen collection systems. Using our infectious waste collection solution minimizes the handling of dangerous waste and transforms it into non-hazardous waste before it leaves the hospital premises.

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Our goal
3000 users
of ReFlow by the end of 2023 and 100,000 users by 2027

Promote quality of life by increasing the number of users of Envac systems by 25% by 2025

Increase safety in handling hazardous waste and linen in hospital environments

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