Expo Park, Lisbon, has prevented 214 tonnes of carbon emissions through sustainable waste collection in the last 25 years

Expo Park, also known as Parque Nações or Parks of Nation, is a public commercial and residential area located in Lisbon. The area has been using an automated waste collection system by Envac since the 1990s. This year, the system is celebrating its 25th anniversary and the positive environmental outcomes it has generated. Over the years, the system has served approximately 40,000 homes and 120,000 residents, prevented 214 tonnes of CO2 emissions, and eliminated the need for heavy collection vehicles.

The area celebrates 25 years

The residential apartments, offices, and the Vasco da Gama shopping centre are all linked to one of three underground waste transport systems. These systems also connect to the railway station, bus and metro terminal and handle waste from cinemas and museums. Approximately 27 tonnes of waste is managed by the system each day.

The automated waste collection system has transported around 240,775 tonnes of waste till now. The system has improved urban planning and management by eliminating the need for heavy-duty collection vehicles and storage containers on the streets. From an environmental perspective, the system has prevented around 8 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year in the last 25 years. Furthermore, it has eliminated 15 tonnes of nitrogen oxide (NOx) and 53 tonnes of carbon monoxide (CO). Envac considers the Expo Park system a successful example of enhancing the urban quality of life while preserving the environment.

Comparison of emissions of gaseous pollutants in the air between automatic waste collection and traditional waste collection from 1998 to 2022

CO2 emissions in 25 years
(Automatic) 17.87  tonne vs 232.06 tonne (Traditional)
NOx emissions in 25 years
(Automatic) 1.19  tonne vs 15.47 tonne (Traditional)
CO emissions in 25 years
(Automatic) 4.47  tonne vs 58.02 tonne (Traditional)

Envac specialises in creating efficient waste management systems to promote sustainable urban development. The Lisbon municipality and Envac recently investigated the milestones and achievements of the automatic waste collection system installed in Expo Park, Lisbon, in 1998 during the World Expo. On the 25th anniversary of its operation, Envac reviewed the objectives achieved by this infrastructure at both the urban and environmental levels. The automatic waste collection system works through underground pipe networks that transport waste using an air stream to a consolidation plant. Users dispose of the waste through collection boxes or drop-off points called inlets in public areas or inside their buildings. In the future, it is possible that Envac may utilise clean energy sources like solar energy from photovoltaic panels on-site. This would make the project a prime example of sustainable urban development.

“Envac takes pride in driving the sustainable waste collection at Expo Park in Lisbon for the past 25 years. The system has become a global reference and testament to the importance of preserving the environment and enhancing the quality of life in urban areas. With such initiatives, Lisbon has become one of the capitals of the world with this unique feature.” – Carlos Bernad, President Envac EMEA

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The next 25 years…

The Expo Park Automatic Waste Collection System (AWCS) has successfully operated for 25 years, achieving its initial objectives. Several improvements have been proposed to prepare for the next 25 years, including upgrades in mechanical infrastructure, user identification, AI integration, energy efficiency, and aesthetic renovation. These improvements will enhance waste management services, reduce electricity consumption, and increase the system’s longevity. The AWCS sets the foundation for a future of data-driven waste management.

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