Smart cities and sustainable solutions – Envac’s contribution to World Creativity and Innovation Day

The 21st of April is the United Nations’ World Creativity and Innovation Day. Ever since we installed our first waste management system in the 1960s, ingenuity has been at the core of what Envac does. Now more than 1000 of our systems are installed globally and the problem-solving power of creativity and innovation still drives us.

Today innovation lives in machine learning and AI that enables our system to be smarter, more sustainable, and data driven. In this video, Niklas Forestier, System Manager at Envac Group, tells us how Envac’s system plays an integral part in the Smart City.

Making cities smarter and more sustainable through innovation is key for our future and the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals number 11 of making cities and human settlements safe, resilient, and sustainable. With half the world’s population living in cities – and more joining them every day – it is imperative to make urban development sustainable and resilient. Automatic, data-driven, intelligent waste collection and recycling are instrumental in this endeavour.

Envac’s smart system reduces emissions from waste collection traffic, frees up space for green areas, and by collecting data 24/7 enables Smart City Governance to optimise resource usage. The data collected informs policymakers, owners, and citizens of how they can improve recycling and reuse. AI and machine learning also makes the system more energy and resource efficient. Combined with the app Envac ReFlow, which is designed for sustained citizen engagement, it helps us to visualise waste flows and educate citizens on recycling. ReFlow provides citizens with feedback on their recycling rates and how that is helping to reach the city’s environmental goals.

“Envac’s automated waste collection system plays a central part in the Smart City. With machine learning, we bring innovative waste collection to the next level to tackle future challenges.” – Niklas Forestier, System Manager at Envac Group

The World Creativity and Innovation Day is an initiative by the United Nations to raise awareness about the crucial function creativity and innovation play for human development. We take the opportunity to call attention to the role of creativity and innovation as a way to achieve the United Nations Sustainability Goals. With sustainable and smart solutions driving our vision and work, Envac puts focus on the day and invites you to do so with us.


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