Envac Group releases new sustainability report with improved materiality topics

Stockholm, 25th June, 2024 – The Envac Group today announced the publication of its Sustainability Report 2023. The report showcases its steadfast commitment, impact, and progress in promoting sustainable cities by providing innovative automated waste collection solutions. Envac highlights the positive difference it can make across four key areas: quality of life, minimising emissions, resource circularity, and business responsibility. The report also contains responses to each key material sustainability topic and its challenges and presents global case studies with performance data that demonstrate Envac’s positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities around the world.

“At Envac, sustainability plays a fundamental role in our vision: to create smarter cities, improve quality of life today, and help secure a greener planet for future generations,” says Joakim Karlsson, CEO of Envac

Key highlights from Envac’s FY23 Sustainability Report include:

  • A refreshed sustainability strategy, with a focus on four key sustainability topics: quality of life, minimising emissions, resource circularity, and business responsibility.
  • Findings published from third-party lifecycle assessments for four regions, showing Envac’s impacts across the value chain. These were used to develop the new strategy.
  • Advanced progress towards complying with requirements for disclosing non-financial data in line with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), including the performance of a double materiality assessment.
  • Roadmaps defined and targets set across the three ESG goals. Actions include increasing adaptation and upgrades to Envac’s solutions; increasing the use of ReFlow, a data-driven waste management app that helps citizens better understand the disposal system as well as their own waste behaviour and recycling habits; minimising kw/tonne consumption; and increasing the number of customer sites running on renewable electricity.
  • Launch of a digital risk assessment tool for streamlining risk management efforts and reducing errors.
  • Stepped-up supply chain accountability, with 87% of key suppliers signing Envac’s supplier code of conduct.

Figure 1 Engineer working with automation at Envac collection terminal in Australia.

Envac reports improved revenues and market share for 2023 despite a challenging global environment. Local and national city planners are showing a growing interest in Envac’s pneumatic waste collection solutions, which can handle multiple waste types, sort for recycling, and be used to produce bioenergy and biofertilisers from food waste. Pneumatic waste collection has been shown to reduce carbon emissions by up to 90% and can improve recycling behaviour.

Christer Lundberg, Sustainability and Quality Lead at Envac, reaffirms the company’s alignment with the UN’s sustainable development goals. “The sustainability success stories in this report demonstrate our contribution to achieving the SDGs worldwide and making a positive impact. For example, we’ve installed systems in cities that have helped to improve the quality of life in Norway, minimise food waste in South Korea, and reduce emissions in Portugal. Our solutions support responsible waste management, reduced water use, increased energy efficiency, and lower truck transport emissions—while encouraging the broader behavioural changes essential for reaching our shared goals.”

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