Eriksberg chooses Envac ReFlow for better recycling rates

The community Eriksberg in Gothenburg, Sweden, which consists of approximately 70 different condominium associations, has now chosen to implement Envac ReFlow as a digital solution to increase recycling and reduce residual waste in the area.

In Eriksberg, waste collection has been installed since 1992, which means that all participating households throws their waste in one of the 400 bins in the area, the waste is then transported in pipes underground by vacuuming the bags away to a collection terminal. In Eriksberg, the pneumatic waste system is used for 3 fractions; plastic, food waste and combustibles.

Now they have chosen to upgrade the control system Envac Automation Platform (EAP) to the latest version. This not only means an upgrade of the system, but enables large energy savings by optimizing the operation of the automated waste collection system. By optimizing emptying and reducing operation during times of high electricity prices, we can make the system energy efficient and save both electricity and costs.

A major advantage of the latest version of EAP is the possibility to connect Envac ReFlow, which Eriksberg chose to do to its 5,078 apartments. Envac ReFlow provides, for the first time, an opportunity for communities, users, operators and local authorities to work together for a more sustainable use of resources. With ReFlow, end users have the easy opportunity to contribute to the three R’s of Reduce (reduction of waste), Reuse and Recycle. The data-driven system visualizes waste flows and educates end users, ensuring their commitment to a sustainable future.

“We look forward with excitement to the residents involvement in this project and what results will come for the community,” says Cecilia Magnusson, chairman of Eriksberg’s waste collection community.

Inlets in Eriksberg which will soon be connected to Envac ReFlow.

Benefits of ReFlow

Benefits that Eriksberg can expect after the implementation of ReFlow include:

  • Increased recycling rate
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced electricity use = energy savings
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Increased property value
  • Easier notifications in the event of a stop and faster measures
  • Reduced service costs through fewer stops thanks to automatic emptying function

“It is fantastic to now be able to offer ReFlow to Eriksberg, we know that the area has great potential and it will be exciting to see how much we can contribute to increased recycling through this project. This will also be the largest facility with ReFlow to date, which will also provide many exciting insights and statistics regarding waste management.” comments Klas Leksell, Product Management at Envac.

The upgrade of the system has been done and the start of ReFlow is planned for May.

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Example of QR code on waste inlet to report blocked inlets.

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