Make Every Action Count

We need to find innovative ways that boost sustainable life. Urban sustainable development is the answer that can help build a circular economy and make human life better.

1/3 of food produced worldwide is either lost or wasted

even as 800 million people globally go hungry

3rd highest fuel consumers are garbage trucks

a truck that travels 25,000 km annually using conventional diesel emits roughly more than 100 metric tons of eCO2

5,25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean

of that mass, 269,000 tons float on the surface

33% of plastic manufactured worldwide is single use

shockingly 85 percent of the world’s plastic is not recycled

2,12 billion tonnes of waste

is dumped every year. If this waste was put on trucks they would go around the world 24 times

Greener environment for future generations

Inspired by United Nations Environmental Programme we want to unite and bring the community together for sustainable urban development of our cities. In 2023, we start a new campaign ‘make every action count’ to set a series of awareness-based actions that will encourage people to look at ‘waste’ as a serious environmental concern and take actions to help reduce its impact. Envac has been part of the global sustainable development movement since its inception in 1961. Our mission is to make waste removal clean, safe and environmentally friendly. For the past six decades, we have been helping communities with our advanced waste-handling systems and spreading awareness about their benefits. We need to understand that an automated waste collection system is part of the solution that can support sustainable urban development.

Sustainable Development Goals

Envac contributing to UN Sustainable Development Goals

One of the sustainable development goal is to improve health and safety of the people. Our system promotes user safety and health as it prevents unsanitary conditions, odours, and vermin, and our touchless technology reduces the transmission of infections.

As waste collection traffic is reduced in densely populated areas, deaths and injuries from traffic accidents are minimised. Our solutions for hospitals promote safer handling of contaminated laundry, as well as medical waste within the hospital. The traditional waste collection includes regular cleaning of waste containers, increasing water consumption as well as the apparent risk of contaminating groundwater resources. Water consumption for cleaning can be as high as 200 liters per inhabitant each year. Our innovative system minimises this pressure on water supplies and helps reach the UN goal of improved water management globally.

Envac’s system and services help reach the UN goals of responsible consumption and production by bringing the waste collection into the circular economy. Our system can handle several fractions of waste and with our sorting system, recycling is made easy and cost-efficient, re-using resources in a never-ending loop. Also, sorted food waste can be used to produce bioenergy and biofertilizers.

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Make Every Action Count with Envac ReFlow

Revolutionising smart city governance and citizen engagement with Envac ReFlow. We are facing an enormous environmental challenge, and with Envac ReFlow we have created the infrastructure that helps cities reach their climate and recycling goals by getting their citizens involved. ReFlow is built with the world’s leading experts from the social and behavioural sciences and is designed for sustained citizen engagement. Enabled by novel urban data streams it helps us to visualize waste flows and educate citizens on recycling. ReFlow provides citizens with feedback on their recycling rates and how that is helping to reach the city’s environmental goals. Reduce, reuse and recycle is the core mantra with focus on promoting increased recycling of what ends up as waste.

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Envac’s automated waste collection system helps communities reduce environmental impact

Reducing carbon emissions

90% reduction of waste collection traffic

Keeping the environment safe and clean

reduction of green house gases and emissions

Making your city a smart city

improve quality-of-life and measurably reduce the city’s impact on the environment

Reducing the spread of infections

touchless features avoids physical contact between people and harmful waste

Keeping hospitals safe and hygienic

sanitary and sustainable solutions for patients and staff

Improving recycling habits

data-driven waste handling enables sustainable decisions in smart cities
Since 1950
8.3 billion
metric tonnes

of plastic has been made

but sadly, only 9% of this has been recycled. If these trends continue, by 2050 we’ll have produced 26 billion metric tons of plastic waste, almost half of which will be dumped in landfills and the environment.

Still wondering? How Envac system can help

reducing carbon emissions

keeping the environment safe and clean

making your city a smart city

keeping hospitals safe and hygienic

reducing the spread of infections

improving recycling habits

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for waste collection

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