Norway wins Energy Globe Award for groundbreaking system

The City of Bergen has won the National Energy Globe Award 2017 for its decision to install Envac, the global pioneer of automated waste collection, within its historical city centre. 

Envac was selected by the City of Bergen for what Terje Strøm, Managing Director at BIR Nett AS, the firm that managed the project’s delivery, described as its ability to deliver “greener and more hygienic urban areas whilst futureproofing Bergen for decades to come”.

The Energy Globe Awards, which saw over 1,500 submissions entered from 178 participating countries worldwide, recognises innovative and sustainable best practice projects throughout the globe. Operating within UNESCO’s parameters and in cooperation with the United Nation’s Environmental Program, the award scheme focuses on energy efficiency, renewable energy and the conservation of resources.

The award was judged by prominent figures from the Energy Globe Award’s committee, who agreed that Envac not only effectively and sustainably handled the City of Bergen’s waste collection, but also delivered significant socio-economic benefits.

On receiving the international accolade Terje Strøm comments: “To receive an award of this magnitude means that you have to innovate and continue to push the boundaries. With Envac we have been able to do just that. Its ability to shape sustainable communities on a number of levels over and above the physical process of waste collection means that it has become an inseparable part of the city’s infrastructure and delivered more value than we ever could have imagined. We’re delighted to have won this accolade and look forward to continue rolling the system out over the next five years.”

Envac, which now was 800 installations worldwide and transports waste via airflow using an underground network of pipes, reduces waste collection vehicle movements and the associated carbon emissions by up to 90 per cent. City of Bergen’s system, which handles over 30 tonnes of waste each day, collects residual waste, plastic and packaging as well as cardboard.

Joakim Karlsson, Envac AB’s Chief Executive, adds: “In order to create sustainable societies of tomorrow we have to make sustainable choices today. In choosing the Envac system for its entire world heritage town centre, the City of Bergen has futureproofed its waste infrastructure and set the global benchmark for best practice within a waste collection context. I am delighted that the City of Bergen has been recognised as an exemplar, proud that our system has played a part in this recognition and even more confident that Envac represents the future of waste collection.”

BIR Nett and Bergen municipality will now be presented with the coveted Energy Globe Certificate in August.

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