The brief

Beijing 301 hospital is known as one of the premier hospitals in China. Since 2009 two Envac systems solves the collection of general hospital waste and soiled linen. The systems are exclusively designed for Beijing 301 hospital. They are environmentally friendly, safe and hygienic.

The project

The systems serve the surgery building, the internal medicine building, the new south building and the west hospital, with a service area of 228,000 square meters, greatly improving the environment of the hospital for both patients, staff and visitors.

The result

Nearby disposal of waste and linen is available at all times. The transportation pipe network is hidden in the walls and ceilings, no more need to transport waste or soiled linen in the lifts used by staff and patients. The system is hermetically closed and minimizes the risk of cross contamination from waste-related pathogens.

35 tons waste/day


50 waste inlets

300 packages

Soiled linen

46 laundry

2,990 mts pipe network

hidden in walls, ceilings and culverts

228,00 m2 / G.F.A

Envac system has brought us great convenience. First, it reduces the labour cost. It increases efficiency and transportation of waste, improves the working environment and standards of the hospital staff. The system reduces the air contamination in consultation rooms and wards.

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