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The City of Majadahonda, one of the more important cities in the community of Madrid, Spain, was early in adding environmental qualities to the services they offer to their citizens and to the numerous companies settled in the municipality. Already in 1999 the City implemented it’s first Envac system.

6,700 tons/year

2 separate waste fractions

Packaging / Rest

1,030 waste inlets

conveniently located across the city for easy disposal

30 km pipe network

for underground transport of waste from buildings to collection terminal

Since then, the city council has launched a total of five systems in as many neighbourhoods: Valle de la Oliva, Centro, Arcipreste, Monte del Pilar and Negrillos.

Together, they cover about 23,000 homes and collect around 50,000 tons of waste per year. The five systems in operation have involved the deployment of 30 kms of underground pipes, through which the waste flows to the corresponding collection terminal, and the installation of more than 1,000 waste inlets.

Today Majadahonda is one of the cities with the most extensive implementation of pneumatic waste collection systems in all Europe, with about 70% of its population served by our technology .

Majadahonda can definitely compete with other, bigger cities around the world when it comes to using smart and sustainable waste collection systems

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