Background & Overview

Meilahti Bridge Hospital is part of HUS Helsinki University Hospital. Located in the Meilahti Hospital area of Helsinki, Finland. Siltasairaala (Bridge hospital) is part of the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital (HUS) district. It was the largest construction project in HUS’s history, costing over 300 million euros. The construction of the hospital began in 2018, and on June 30, 2022, its primary contractor, SRV, handed over the premises to the management of the hospital district.

Starting from January 23, 2023, the hospital began operations and offers essential medical services, including an emergency area, a surgery unit, intensive care units, outpatient clinics, a day hospital, and inpatient wards. Additionally, the hospital has teaching and lecture rooms, a cafeteria, a café, and a pharmacy.

Safety & efficiency is top priority at the hospital in Helsinki University District

36 inlets

18 inlets for general waste & 18 inlets for soiled linen

24/7 availability

System is running round the clock to facilitate the load of waste at all times

342 beds

Contributing to soiled linen and waste collection

70,000 meter square

total area connected with the Envac waste system

Efficient waste collection system – crucial for maintaining hygiene

Envac Finland has implemented a new and improved waste disposal system at The Bridge Hospital, resulting in increased safety and efficiency. The system includes general waste, soiled linen vertical shafts, and automated platform conveyors on every floor. This innovative technology reduces the need for staff and patients to transport waste through hallways and elevators. Additionally, each floor is equipped with roster hatches for waste disposal, and touch screens are conveniently located beside them for monitoring and control. In the basement, the technical area features solidly constructed conveyors that guide general waste sacks into separate containers for recycling. This advanced waste management system improves the hospital’s overall cleanliness and sanitation while promoting sustainability efforts through the recycling of materials.

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Positive impact of the system in the hospital

  • Using the system helps hospital cleaning staff reduce labour intensity while ensuring the safe and hygienic disposal of general waste and soiled linen, creating a healthier and safer working environment.
  • Minimised manual handling has improved quality, safety, and efficiency of services that benefit both medical staff and patients.
  • By collecting waste from inlets, the system not only creates a more comfortable and safe hospital environment, but it also reduces the load on elevators and hallways. This means less need of movement and a more efficient waste management system overall.
  • All residual waste collected is incinerated to produce energy and heating in the Helsinki area. The remaining waste is efficiently recycled on each floor to minimize environmental impact.
The Bridge Hospital project saw successful collaboration between the builder and developer, with a keen focus on meeting the user’s needs throughout. These efforts were effectively executed.
Our hospital’s waste management system, powered by Envac, is a testament to its flawless operation. The system works seamlessly, leaving us with a clean and healthy environment.

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