The brief

Suzhou Science and Technology City Hospital is a three-level general public hospital in Jiangsu province integrating medical treatment, medical teaching, scientific research and translational medicine.

The project

The project integrates two systems (General Waste System/Linen System) exclusively designed for the hospital by Envac.

The two collection systems serve the medical building, the outpatient and inpatient building, with a service area of 178,000 square meters, greatly improving the hospital environment for both patients, staff and visitors.

The result

Since the Envac system was launched in May 2016, Suzhou Science & Technology Town Hospital has:

Improved the first impression for patients and visitors by eliminating the transportation of waste and soiled linen in public areas as elevators. Instead, they experience a modern, smart and hygienic healthcare environment.

Reduced the risk of spreading infections. As disposal points are nearby at all times, and the transportation of waste and linen goes on in the background, in the fabric of the building, the risk of cross contamination from waste-related pathogens, both airborne and physical spreading, is minimized.

The application of Envac system has brought great convenience to the medical order of our hospital and beautified the overall hospital environment. I think the system is designed in a very human and scientific way. As a manager of a general hospital that use Envac’s linen and general waste collection system, I am very willing to recommend this mature technology and this responsible company to the domestic counterparts.

20 tons waste
20 m3 linen

per day, in separate pipe networks hidden in the fabric of the hospital building

2 separate fractions

Rest and soiled linen

92 waste inlets

46 for waste
46 for linen
conveniently located across the hospital for easy disposal

178,000 m2


The use of Envac’s waste and linen systems is particularly noteworthy in intelligent buildings. The application of these systems strengthens the management of infection in the hospital, and greatly saves our labour cost. We chose the Envac system and other intelligent equipment, which attracted managers from more than 300 hospitals from all over China to visit our hospital. I hope that more enterprises like Envac can participate in the modernization of our hospitals. It can help hospitals to better management, benefit the people, serve the people’s health and serve a healthy China.

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