Barcelona’s Envac system is being modernised, nurturing its decades-long relation

New Gyro model inlets getting installed in the city of Barcelona (Courtesy: Barcelona Municipality)
New Gyro inlets getting installed in the city of Barcelona (Courtesy: Barcelona Municipality)

Envac Spain is upgrading 221 automated waste collection inlets for the Barcelona City Council in central areas, including Ciutat Vella, El Raval, and Santa Caterina. The goal is to modernise the automated waste collection system with the latest technology. The system will collect real-time data that helps operators and owners better understand the waste collection system. The project has already started and is scheduled to continue until December 2023. The initiative promotes sustainable urban development by implementing highly efficient waste management systems to create a green and smart city.

The selection of the Gyro model as a replacement for the current automated waste collection inlets has been made. This model boasts a more extensive opening diameter, facilitating the deposit of garbage bags. Residential bags can fit comfortably with dimensions of 390×390 mm, while commercial bags with dimensions of 460×460 mm can also be accommodated. The new inlets feature a more ergonomic design and a pedal opening system.

Barcelona currently stands as the city with the highest saturation of pneumatic collection stations for waste collection technology, with nine stations in operation, including a major hospital. This system provides coverage to approximately 50,000 homes and numerous shops, serving around 200,000 individuals. The automated waste collection system was initially installed in the Olympic Village in 1992 and has since undergone successive expansions and innovations. In 2015, an automatic emptying litter bins network was installed along the city’s waterfront.

Public litter bins at the city waterfront to reduce manual handling

“We take pride in our longstanding relationship with the city of Barcelona, which is helping to shape the future of smart cities. Barcelona is an exemplary city that incorporated an automatic waste collection system in its urban planning four decades ago. This system was seen as a necessity and a way to create a sustainable environment in densely populated areas.” – Antoni Monclus, Area Manager, Envac Spain

Manual v/s Automatic waste collection allows lower carbon emission (comparative analysis)

Envac’s New Era at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona

The Smart City Expo is set to take place in Barcelona in 2023, known for its innovation and technology. The expo will be a melting pot of experts in the field of smart cities who will come together to discuss and demonstrate the latest advancements in the areas of technology, sustainability, and urban planning. The event is a must-attend for anyone interested in the future of cities and technology’s role in shaping urban environments. Barcelona is the perfect location to host this event due to its innovative spirit and strong commitment to sustainability. The theme for the event is “A New Urban Era is Emerging,” and Envac will be there to showcase our solutions and unveil a new venture that will revolutionize automation in waste handling. Join us from November 7th to 9th and be a part of Envac’s new era.

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