Envac is unveiling the ‘new urban era’ of smarter waste handling at Smart City Expo, Barcelona

Introducing Envac ReFlow – the game-changing solution for waste management and citizen recycling rates. This cutting-edge digital toolset streamlines green living, empowering cities to achieve their climate goals with ease.

Envac is at the forefront of automated waste collection solutions and will showcase its latest innovations at the Smart City Expo Barcelona in November 2023. The company has taken into account feedback from municipalities worldwide, addressing the greater challenges and responsibilities that cities face. Envac is taking a step forward by introducing ReFlow, the new digital standard for AWCS, which is set to revolutionise the efficient handling of waste in cities across the globe.

The automated waste collection system (AWCS) by Envac has greatly improved waste management in cities worldwide, reducing the need for unsafe manual waste handling. The new ReFlow initiative improves the current Envac system by offering a set of new digital tools that help users understand and use the system more efficiently. With ReFlow, the municipality and its citizens work together to achieve sustainability targets, including recycling rates and greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. Envac is committed to helping all residents understand where and how they can recycle all of their fractions. Moreover, Envac is dedicated to the principle of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Over time, ReFlow will add features that promote this principle by facilitating increased reuse and sharing of resources.

ReFlow is a digital solution developed in collaboration with LocalLife, a Swedish tech company specialising in new technology for citizen engagement and behaviour change. The solution boosts residents’ awareness of their household’s waste sorting and recycling habits by providing personalised visualisations and comparisons. ReFlow offers practical information for residents and organisations involved in the areas. Whether you’re a citizen, system operator, property owner, or municipality, Envac ReFlow has got you covered.

ReFlow promotes sustainable living by facilitating increased reuse and sharing of resources within local communities. Over time, the digital solution will offer various functions that promote and facilitate the reuse and sharing of resources. ReFlow helps build a stronger sense of community by connecting people with their neighbours, promoting overall well-being. Additionally, it helps reduce costs associated with maintaining recycling stations. With ReFlow, the community can work together towards achieving sustainability goals.

At the upcoming Smart City Expo in Barcelona, the team will demonstrate the capabilities of ReFlow and showcase its latest innovations like power optimisation in waste-handling technology. Visitors to the booth will have the opportunity to see the system in action and learn about the benefits it can bring to their communities.

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“We are excited to showcase our solutions at the Smart City Expo. Our new venture will significantly impact how waste is handled in cities around the world, and we look forward to sharing our vision with visitors to the event. Visitors to Envac’s booth will have the opportunity to see the ReFlow system in action and learn about its benefits, which include improved recycling rate, enhanced sanitation, and reduced carbon footprint.” – Mikael Hjelte, Sales Director, Envac Sweden

“This venue in Barcelona is the perfect stage to introduce this service, and we could not be more excited to share it with the world and all cities that are on their journey towards their climate goals. With Envac ReFlow, we are setting a new standard in the waste management sector to facilitate recycling and sustainability targets by connecting, inspiring, and empowering citizens to make more informed choices in their everyday lives.” – David Enarsson, Head of Product, LocalLife

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About LocalLife
LocalLife is a Swedish start-up that builds digital tools that connect citizens with smart infrastructure and their local community. We are experts in behaviour change who believe that by equipping citizens with simple yet powerful digital tools, we can make it easier and more fun to live more sustainably, while also tackling the climate crisis together. Our platforms are designed to promote more sustainable behaviours with energy use, recycling, reuse and sharing in mind. Together with our partners, we want to make it easy for citizens to enact the climate transition – one neighbourhood at a time.

Region Press Contact:
Mikael Hjelte
Sales Director, Envac Sweden


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