Envac Korea and SK ecoplant’s ‘PICKLE’ Wins CES Innovation Award for Sustainable Waste Solution

Envac Korea is proud to announce its partnership with SK ecoplant. This year, SK ecoplant won the award in the Environment Synergies category for its innovative waste solution, called ‘PICKLE*. SK ecoplant has won this award two years in a row for its outstanding achievement in sustainable urban development.

PICKLE* stands for the combination of the words “PICK,” which means “to pick up,” and “RECYCLE,” which means “to recycle.” The solution connects the entire process of collecting, sorting, and recycling household waste from flats and buildings, with the building acting as a small-scale sorting centre. This innovative solution increases the convenience of waste disposal and contributes to the circular economy. Envac and SK ecoplant are committed to creating new achievements through synergies between the environment, energy, and construction businesses based on continuous digital innovation. Their integration of digital technology has been recognised globally, particularly as a platform that integrates capabilities between new and existing businesses through modernisation.

The CES Innovation Award is significant as it shows how the know-how accumulated in the environmental industry influences sustainable urban planning. Digital technology is vital as a lubricant in the virtuous cycle between Envac and SK ecoplant, revolutionising automated waste collection and its positive footprint.

SK ecoplant’s CEO, Park Kyung-il, stated, “Winning the CES Innovation Award last year and this year proves that the services created through the harmony of our businesses, environment, and construction can be widely used globally. Here, digital technology is used in both environmental business and existing construction. It is our primary means of connecting businesses.”

“Envac and SK ecoplant are dedicated to collaborating on sustainable urban planning, constantly innovating through digital development. We aim to create sustainable solutions that improve quality of life while minimising environmental impact. Jin Ho Jung, Executive Director of Sales at Envac Korea, affirms our commitment to this vision.

*Pickle: Pickle (“Pick & Recycle”) is a solution designed to address pain points in the entire process of household waste management, from disposal to collection, sorting and recycling. Users can dispose of their recyclable waste through chutes located on each floor, which are then automatically transported to a dedicated collection point. The collected recyclable waste is then scanned through an AI camera and sorted by bin-picking robots based on the material, properties, and contamination level.


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