Envac signs agreement with large Swedish Eco City project in China

In conjunction with the Nordic China Smart City Conference in Stockholm on March 26, 2019 Envac Scandinavia’s CEO, Patrick Haraldsson, and White Peak’s CEO, Jesper Jos Olsson, signed an agreement to supply the first Swedish-Chinese Eco City project with an innovative, state of the art waste management solution.

The agreement is a result of White Peak Real Estate, the largest European real estate developer in China, founded by Swedish entrepreneurs, recently signing an agreement with the municipal government of Yantai to build a new, smart eco city based on the experience from the world-renowned Swedish Hammarby Sjöstad project.

Hammarby Eco City in Yantai encompasses the 4.57 square km new metropolitan centre of the city. Yantai City is located in the north eastern part of the prosperous Shandong province and has close to seven million inhabitants. It is is the second largest economic body in Shandong province, just after Qingdao.

The New Metropolitan Centre project covers a city centre that can accommodate 65,000 inhabitants, will deliver 50,000 jobs and includes schools, R&D facilities, health & elderly care and office and retail facilities in an active and vibrant community.

The agreement between White Peak and Envac aims to apply Envac’s world leading waste management technology, which has been adapted to meet the demands of the fast growing Chinese market.

Besides Envac, White Peak has also contracted the Swedish architect and engineering company Sweco for the sustainable design of the project.

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