Envac’s new project in Gangnam, Seoul, champions sustainability through zero-waste urban living

Stockholm, May 07th, 2024 – Envac Korea is proud to announce the successful completion of the Gaepo project, The H Firstier I’Park, in the prestigious Gangnam area. This landmark project represents one of Seoul’s largest and most prestigious projects, showcasing Envac’s commitment to creating a clean, sustainable environment. The development, built on a 400,000 square meters site, encompasses 74 individual buildings, with some rising as high as 35 floors and more than 12,000 square meters of park area for leisure time.

The Gaepo project features Envac’s Automatic Waste Collection System (AWCS), which plays a crucial role in South Korea’s vision to achieve a zero-waste society. By utilising an extensive network of underground pipes, the AWCS system transports waste from various buildings to a central collection station, eliminating the need for traditional waste collection trucks. 

Project Data:

  • Food waste collected daily: 3.2 tonnes
  • Food waste inlets: 2,965
  • Residual waste collected daily: 2.1 tonnes
  • Residual waste inlets: 100
  • Households connected to Envac’s AWCS: 6,700
  • Carbon emission reduction in area: 90%
Jae Ho Jo, Project Manager at Envac Korea

“I am extremely proud to have completed the landmark project of Gaepo, the H Firstier I’Park, in the prestigious Gangnam area. Installing the Envac automatic waste collection system ensures a clean and sustainable living environment for the residents of this area. This landmark project sets a new standard for cleanliness and sustainability in the Greater Gangnam Area”. -Jae Ho Jo, Project Manager at Envac Korea

The Automatic Waste Collection System (AWCS) developed by Envac is a sustainable solution that addresses environmental concerns and improves residents’ quality of life. The system is fully automated, requiring minimal human intervention, and operates by transporting waste from smart inlets through a closed and sealed pipe network to a central collection station. This process ensures a hygienic and odour-free environment, making it a promising solution for urban waste management.

This innovative system significantly reduces carbon emissions, particles, and traffic congestion, making it particularly valuable in densely populated urban areas like Seoul. The system also frees up valuable space in buildings and streets, improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

About South Korea’s “pay as you throw” policy 

The policy aims to tackle the issue of food waste, and the waste collection system supported by Envac is equipped with sensors to achieve the policy’s goals. The AWCS weighs the food waste households generate at the inlet and disposes of it based on the measured weight. This encourages households to reduce food waste by making them aware of the cost of excess food disposal and its environmental impact.

With advanced sensors and monitoring systems, the Envac AWCS allows for real-time monitoring of waste levels and system performance. The system solves waste management challenges and contributes to value generation and sustainable modern living. 

Envac Korea’s completion of the Gaepo project marks a significant milestone in South Korea’s journey towards a zero-waste society. 

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