India’s Prime Minister visited GIFT City to evaluate its sustainable development, including Envac’s system

The Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, visited the ‘Gujarat International Finance Tec-City’ (GIFT City) in Gandhinagar on May 12, 2023, to review the ongoing project status. Envac’s automated waste collection system was part of the visit since it is critical to the city’s sustainable infrastructure. Mrs Janki Jethi, Vice President of GIFT (Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste Management), gave a presentation about the system’s operation. Envac Team based at GIFT City had extended all support before this said visit, which was well appreciated by the management.

The Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi, is committed to establishing India as a global economic power. To achieve this, he has launched initiatives such as Digital India, E-governance, and ‘Make in India’, providing the necessary momentum for economic growth. Further, India is experiencing a significant shift towards urbanisation, with nearly 40% of its population living in cities. However, this growth must be managed sustainably to avoid draining natural resources and causing long-term damage. To address this, the Prime Minister has proposed the creation of smart cities in many of the open spaces to improve sustainable urban development across India.

Envac is a globally recognised leader in automated waste collection and supports Mr Modi’s vision of smart cities as a crucial element of sustainable urban development in India. With the cutting-edge and well-established approach, Envac designs and implements highly efficient waste-handling technologies that promote environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Their solutions are game-changing and significantly impact improving the quality of life, contributing to a cleaner and more resourceful future.

About the project

The project site in Gandhinagar, India, is a vast area covering 886 acres. Upon completion, Envac will take on the responsibility of managing the waste for the entire district, which is expected to be more than 400 tonnes per day. This waste will come from GIFT City’s 25,000 apartments, 100,000 residents, and over 500,000 working individuals. GIFT City will have 112 towers, each with 25-60 floors. The city will have residential and commercial areas, schools, hospitals, and a world-class trade centre.

In each building at GIFT City, two Envac chutes will lead to one of seven onsite collection stations. These stations will collect both organic waste and mixed recyclables. Envac is responsible for sorting the mixed recyclables, making GIFT City the first location in the world to have a comprehensive waste collection system. There is also the possibility of integrating an onsite waste-to-energy plant to provide a complete closed-loop solution.

GIFT City is established to meet the needs of India’s rapidly expanding financial services industry. Its goal is to establish a financial services hub with top-tier infrastructure and amenities to attract the finest talent from both India and around the world. GIFT City is well on its way to becoming a model smart city, with plans to enhance living standards. The Prime Minister has requested a report on how the system can be applied to other sectors, which marks a significant milestone for Envac’s expansion in India. This is a vital move towards sustainability and clean initiatives in the country.


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