Modernising waste management in Malls: The benefits of pneumatic waste collection system (PWCS)

Managing waste has always been a significant challenge for commercial buildings, especially in high-traffic areas like shopping malls. However, with the help of new technologies, developers have revolutionised waste collection methods.

Expo Park, Lisbon – Next 25 years

The Expo Park Automatic Waste Collection System (AWCS) has successfully operated for 25 years, achieving its initial objectives. Several improvements have been proposed to prepare for the next 25 years, including upgrades in mechanical infrastructure, user identification, AI integration, energy efficiency, and aesthetic renovation. These improvements will enhance waste management services, reduce electricity consumption, and increase the system’s longevity.

Waste system that preserves the city’s cultural heritage in Norway

Bergen, a city located in Norway, is renowned for its historical city centre featuring narrow streets and wooden buildings. The city has taken a groundbreaking approach to preserving its cultural heritage by adopting an underground pipe-based waste collection system provided by Envac.

Optical Waste Sorting: A modern solution for sustainable recycling

Optical waste sorting is a modern, efficient, and environmentally friendly method of recycling that utilises advanced camera systems, sensors, and machine learning algorithms to swiftly and accurately identify and sort various types of waste materials for efficient disposal or recycling.

The future of waste collection in Smart Cities

Ever since we installed our first waste management system in the 1960s, ingenuity has been at the core of what Envac does. In this video, Niklas Forestier, System Manager at Envac Group, tells us how Envac’s system plays an integral part in the Smart City

Sweden Korea Green Transition Alliance discusses the future of waste

The Sweden+Korea Green Transition Alliance and its member companies invited a delegation of South Korean journalists to Sweden to learn more about Swedish sustainability solutions that can support South Korea to become a carbon-neutral society by 2050.

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