Envac’s next-generation technology paves the future of waste collection at King Abdullah Financial District, Saudi Arabia

Stockholm, Sweden, 16th May 2023 – King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, empowers businesses through access to advanced office infrastructure and sustainable smart city solutions. KAFD is the largest mixed-use financial centre in the Middle East. The development has been designed by 25 of the planet’s most efficient architects and extends over an area of ​​1.6 million square meters in which 95 buildings have been built so far, including 64 towers, intended for residential use and offices, apart from spaces for commerce, leisure, and hospitality.

Waste-ability at KAFD – largest installation in the Middle East region

Unlike traditional waste management systems, where waste is manually collected, placed into a compactor, and collected via trucks, Envac’s flexible system is connected to all areas in the district. 160 waste inlets collect waste from 2 different fractions, general and recyclables. Furthermore, the waste is automatically collected from 16 public litter bins on the Wadi pedestrian boulevard. An estimated 140 tonnes of waste is collected daily and transported through the underground vacuum pipes to the collection terminal.  Here the waste is then stored in sealed containers which are removed from the site once full.

Envac’s advanced state-of-the-art Automation Platform (EAP) controls the waste collection system with frequency converters, AI, and sensors. The intelligent system has lowered the energy consumption by up to 50%.

A 21 kilometres underground network of pipes and 16 extractors of 110 kW have been deployed to serve KAFD’s currently built-up properties, although it has been designed to grow for new development in the area.

Sustainable development goals and Accolades

KAFD has been awarded the US Green Building Council (USGBC) Leadership Award for its sustainability initiatives. It has also achieved the platinum certification from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program. These make this project an example of a sustainable city on a global scale. It highlights unique architectural designs inspired by the local environment and highly efficient energy consumption, focused on conserving, and recycling natural resources.

Envac’s waste collection technology is helping build smart cities, promoting sustainable development, and improving urban environments and the quality of life. The system eliminates the need for traditional waste collection and contributes positively by reducing traffic and lowering carbon emissions by up to 90%. It enables good health and well-being among citizens as it improves hygiene, cleanliness, and safety. Envac’s system equates the waste collection process in terms of comfort and benefits to the rest of the collective infrastructure. It is a must in sustainable urban planning and needs to be planned alongside water supply, energy supply, sanitation, etc.

Part of our commitment to urban living in KAFD is climate action, and this means that we seek partnerships that foster and improve environmental solutions for the city and its residents and tenants”, commented Gautam Sashittal, the Chief Executive Officer of the King Abdullah Financial District Development & Management Company. “Our partnership with Envac helps to ensure that waste at KAFD is properly managed, allowing us to contribute to a clean environment and reduced GHG emissions“.

Important facts

Total area: 1,6 million square meters
Certification: Largest LEED platinum certified mixed-use district in the world
Waste handling: Envac
Residential units: 5,000 +
Reduced CO2 from truck collection: 90%
Waste collection system in the new plan: 119 building connected
Number of systems: 4
Number of fractions: 2 (mixed and recyclables)

“We are proud to be part of the world leading KAFD development by delivering an innovative solid waste management solution. Envac’s automated waste collection system contributes to the sustainable environment at KAFD in many ways, including reducing the carbon emissions of waste collection trucks by as much as 90%. We believe innovative solutions like this are important steps to achieving Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 carbon targets, and Envac is fully aligned with this vision.” – James Fullerton, Managing Director, Envac Middle East.

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