Revolutionary pneumatic waste collection system at Place Vendôme Mall in Qatar

Place Vendôme, a mixed-use mall development located in the city of Lusail in Qatar, is set to revolutionise waste management by implementing a pneumatic waste collection system (PWCS). The project, covering a total build-up area of 1,150,000 m², has been entrusted to United Developers under the guidance of local investors who are experts in real estate, retail, construction, and contracting.

The multifunctional structure, situated 11 km from the centre of Doha, comprises three five-star hotels, serviced apartments, 560 different retail outlets, and an open plaza surrounded by cafes and restaurants, offering a view of a canal with dancing fountain shows. The PWCS, designed to serve retail, leisure, and entertainment areas, eliminates the need for manual waste transportation at the mall, improving user well-being.

The PWCS uses a network of underground pipes to transport waste directly from the retail outlets and hotels to a central waste collection point. This makes the ambience more spacious, with hallways, elevators, and corridors free of garbage bins and waste vehicles. The system also reduces the manual labour required for waste collection and eliminates the need for large garbage trucks to navigate busy corridors. The PWCS is designed to be environmentally friendly, reducing carbon emissions by up to 90% by eliminating the need for heavy vehicles and plastic waste associated with traditional garbage bags.

Envac’s cutting-edge technology is a bold statement of the mall’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation. By improving the experience for visitors and tenants, the PWCS elevates the already luxurious atmosphere of Place Vendôme to new heights. Its valuable addition cements the mall’s position as a premier destination for those seeking the very best.

The plan is to use Envac’s Automation Platform to boost resource recovery rates by separating general and recyclable waste using a two-fraction system. Waste will be directed to separate inlets and stored temporarily until a collection cycle is triggered. Envac’s system eliminates the need for waste collection trucks to enter the development and adapts to waste volume during peak times.

“We want to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent partnership with Envac in the Lusail Project over the past year. Place Vendôme Qatar is committed to its guests and tenants, especially during significant events, and the Envac team has consistently delivered the PWCS works with positivity and rapid responsiveness. Envac actively operated the PWCS plant from the Lusail Command and Control Centre during the successful hosting of the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup last year. We want to thank Envac for their ongoing commitment to providing Place Vendôme’s PWCS projects with diligent and competent service. We look forward to continuing this important cooperation in the future.” – Mohamed Hamdi, Head of Operations, United Developers, Qatar

“Incorporating Envac’s technology in Place Vendôme is a testament to the mall’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. The system’s implementation will improve user well-being and ambience, reduce carbon emissions, and enhance resource recovery rates. United Developers and the owners of Place Vendôme are committed to establishing an innovative and sustainable city aligned with Lusail’s broader vision. We are grateful for this fruitful partnership.” – James Fullerton, Managing Director, Envac Middle East

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