The brief

With the increasing demands of the Swedish national goals the municipality of Halmstad chose optical sorting of household waste.

The main reason for chosing optical sorting was how easy the system could be introduced in the whole city.

Different coloured bags that do not leak are thrown in the same waste bins as before. With optical sorting there is no need for replacing the bins nor replacing the waste trucks.

The plant

The plant is owned and operated by HEM (Halmstad Energi och Miljö AB). It’s built for two fractions, food and residual waste, with the option to easily extend it to six fractions. The brand new building also contains a pre-treatment facility for the sorted food waste, which becomes biofuel.

Capacity 27.000 tons/year

Resources Food and residual waste

Users 94.000


The sorting plant can easily be extended to sort additional waste fractions such packaging waste. This option was already taken into consideration in the design of the plant.

The choice fell upon optical sorting, because it could be introduced with a minimum of efforts for the company and the households

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