The brief

The municipal company Tekniska verken AB owns and operates a biogas facility, suppling biogas to public buses and cars in the county of Östergötland, Sweden. The target is to be a fossil free region by 2030. The transformation to fossil free was the main political factor for the Municipality of Linköping to introduce Envac’s optical sorting system to sort out the food waste from the rest of the household waste.

The solution

Another reason for choosing Envac’s optical sorting system was that it is a proven method since many years, introducing it is fast and it adds no extra cost for the households. The system is automated which means a lower workload for the staff.

The sorting plant in Linköping handles two fractions, rest and food waste. It is built adjacent to the district heating plant where the rest fraction is incinerated and converted to heat and energy.

The food waste is transported to a nearby pre-treatment plant, where it is processed to biogas and biofertiliser.

Capacity 48 000 tons/year

Resources Food and Rest

Users 325 000


After the sorting system in Linköping was launched, another twelve municipalities have joined and bring their waste to Tekniska verken, without need for further extension of the plant, which proves that the system is flexible and cost efficient.

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