Envac collaborates with the city of Sandvika in Norway, providing innovative technology in waste collection

Sandvika municipality has chosen Envac Norway to provide an automated waste collection system. The system aims to enhance safety and reduce the manual waste transportation process. As a result, the city can now create more green spaces and minimise traffic congestion. Sandvika, which is located 15 kilometres west of Oslo, is known for its scenic landscapes, art culture, and commercial and recreational areas. With the introduction of new residential developments, business centres, cycling paths, and pedestrian walkways, Sandvika is evolving into an increasingly diverse and attractive place for residents.
Envac has successfully met all the requirements set by the municipality in its tender. The tender focused on the type and amount of waste collected, as well as the availability of the system.

Envac’s system is capable of collecting a substantial amount of general waste per day across different fractions. The system will be available to end users minimum 99% of the time. The tender is worth 26,8 million Norwegian kronor, and the work has begun with an aim to be complete by 2028. Envac’s automated waste collection system aims to reduce traffic and prevent overflowing waste containers by utilising clean and efficient waste inlets that can empty directly into the underground system. This innovative waste management solution will significantly improve Sandvika’s life while reducing the environmental impact of waste transportation.

Sandvika’s flourishing city centre
The centre connects the area from the main railway station to the historic town hall. The municipality is planning a future-oriented development of Sandvika that will serve as a meeting place for residents and visitors. The contract with Envac for terminal and pipes, secures that future development of Sandvika, will be with pneumatic automated waste collection solutions. This will contribute to remove the foul litter smell by eliminating open waste disposal, reducing waste collection traffic and noise, and reducing the problems associated with manual waste handling. Our innovative waste collection system shapes and develops smart and sustainable cities.

New Sandvika Centre seen from the station area. Illustration by: Asplan Viak

“We feel honoured and thankful for the chance to contribute to a sustainable waste collection system in the new Sandvika that looks towards the future. This initiative is an excellent example of how automated waste collection can be integrated into urban planning to promote pedestrian and bike traffic while reducing heavy vehicular traffic in residential areas.” – Knut Johansen, Sales Manager, Envac Norway

Press Contact:
Knut Johansen
Sales Manager, Envac Norway


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