Thanks for keeping the city clean

Handwritten notes expressing “Thanks for keeping the city clean” have been posted on Envac waste inlets during the weeks of Covid-19 confinement .

Envac Iberia would like to express its sincere gratitude to the users for the encouraging messages and also thank all Envac users, everywhere in Spain, for their commitment to the environment and essential collaboration to make the pneumatic waste collection systems work at full capacity and without incidents.

Envac Iberia operates more than sixty pneumatic waste collection systems in twenty Spanish cities. All the systems have been operating 24/7 during the lock down, keeping residential areas clean and guaranteeing a safe working environment for the Envac employees operating the systems. The high automation level of the systems allows the waste collection service to run continuously, supervised at a safe distance by only one technician.

“A society that maintain basic services in operation, like waste collection and cleansing of public areas, protects not only the staff performing the services but all citizens. These services are essential in securing a minimum standard of health, hygiene and safety in the complex and exceptional situation that the pandemic is forcing us to live in” says Carlos Bernad, president of Envac Iberia.

“Once the country returns to a normal situation, Envac will be delighted to open the doors of the collection stations, in collaboration with the municipalities, and invite the citizens to learn more about the system they are using every day” adds Carlos Bernad.

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