Mobile Vacuum System

The Envac Mobile Vacuum System is developed for small to medium-sized urban areas. In short, the municipality invests in an Envac mobile vacuum truck, a mobile version of the waste collection terminal in a stationary pneumatic waste collection system. The truck is used to empty specially designed waste storage tanks serving both individual buildings and/or entire residential areas in multiple locations in the city. The Mobile Vacuum System is common in the Nordic countries.

Other Areas

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Waste inlets

Waste inlets are positioned centrally. Users throw their waste bags into readily accessible waste inlets located either indoors or outdoors. The waste is then stored in closed underground screw tanks, which are linked together with docking points by a network of underground pipes.


The underground tanks are emptied regularly depending on the amount of waste discarded and the storage capacity of the screw tanks. The vacuum truck, which empties the tanks via the docking points, creates a vacuum in the pipe system. Once this vacuum has reached a required level the waste is sucked seamlessly out of the screw tanks, through the pipe system and into the vacuum truck, where it is compressed.

Docking point

These docking points are positioned in such a way as to ensure that the vacuum truck picking up the waste causes minimal disruption by avoiding gardens, narrow streets and densely populated areas.


The valves opens on signal when system is pressurized.


The waste is transported from the tank to the vacuum vehicle at a rate of 70 km/hour.


When the waste reaches the truck, it is separated from the air, which is filtered before being released through the truck's roof. The waste is then compacted into the truck's container. Up to 80 m3 of waste can be stored in the truck before it needs to be emptied.

100% renewable fuel

The garbage truck is fueled by either 100% renewable fuel or is fully electric.


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