Tackling food waste: South Korea’s success story

South Korea’s food waste policy is an excellent example of how effective government action can help to address a considerable environmental problem. By continuing to invest in new technologies and policies, the country can build on its success and reduce food waste in the coming years.

Elevating soiled linen safety protocols in healthcare

Effective management of soiled linen in healthcare is essential for infection control. Traditional manual handling poses significant health risks due to exposure to infectious agents, highlighting the need for advanced automated solutions.

Navigating the hazards of manual waste handling and what is the future

Managing waste, mainly through manual handling, involves navigating a landscape fraught with potential hazards. These challenges underscore the need for a comprehensive approach to protect both individuals and our planet.

Shredding the amount of residual waste: Envac’s innovative cardboard shredder at Barking Riverside

Groundbreaking system allows residents from approximately 2,000 homes to manage large volumes of cardboard waste sustainably. The initiative is set to prevent around 105 tonnes of cardboard from ending up in landfills annually.

PAYT (Pay As You Throw) – An innovative approach to promoting sustainability and reducing waste

The PAYT (Pay As You Throw) strategy is an innovative approach to managing waste that promotes environmental awareness and individual responsibility. This system entails a fee that users pay based on the amount of waste they dispose of in designated containers for different types of waste. In essence, the more one throws away, the higher the cost.

Transforming urban living: The benefits of Automatic Waste Collection Systems

Envac Automatic Waste Collection System (AWCS) is a practical approach to managing urban waste. The system not only streamlines waste management processes but also brings a multitude of benefits to urban environments, making cities cleaner, safer, and more sustainable.

Make Every Action Count

We need to find innovative ways that boost sustainable life. Urban sustainable development is the answer that can help build a circular economy and make human life better.

Sweden Korea Green Transition Alliance discusses the future of waste

The Sweden+Korea Green Transition Alliance and its member companies invited a delegation of South Korean journalists to Sweden to learn more about Swedish sustainability solutions that can support South Korea to become a carbon-neutral society by 2050.

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