The CEO of Envac discusses the longstanding cooperative relationship with China

Stockholm, Sweden, 25th August 2023

Joakim Karlsson, the CEO and President of Envac spoke exclusively with Xinhua News Agency regarding the company’s partnership with China in the development of sustainable cities. Karlsson appreciated China’s leadership and dedication to green, circular, and low-carbon development. He praised his Chinese counterparts for their ambition and drive to integrate intelligent waste collection technologies. Karlsson emphasised the importance of translating words into action and collaborating with “China speed” to achieve a sustainable future.

Joakim Karlsson, the CEO and President of Envac explaining the working of the system to the journalist from China

The system has benefits beyond waste collection. It can assist in creating additional green space for recreational activities, reduce carbon emissions from heavy traffic, eliminate unpleasant odours and vermin caused by open trash, improve hygiene and safety, and conserve energy. Additionally, many countries utilise food and residual waste to produce energy, biogas, and heating. In the context of sustainable urban development, it is imperative to take into account the implementation of systematic waste collection and sorting as a viable solution. This technology has been implemented in several smart cities and hospitals in China, significantly decreasing waste-related traffic and carbon emissions.

The CEO of Envac expressed deep admiration for the speed and efficiency with which technology is developed and implemented in China, a phenomenon he referred to as “China speed”. He praised the country’s efforts and Envac’s commitment to maintaining a long-term presence in the Chinese market, which accounted for a significant 20% of the company’s global revenue in 2022. With over 15 years of operations in China and has collaborated on more than 70 projects in mainland China and Hong Kong, Envac is poised to build on this success, with an impressive 70% increase in the number of projects in 2022 alone.

There is a growing demand in China for smart and sustainable cities and hospitals, and Envac is well-positioned to contribute to their development. Envac’s commitment to sustainability is aligned with China’s own ecological goals. Furthermore, the healthcare segment is Envac’s fastest-growing business segment in China, and the CEO is confident that the company will benefit from China’s advances in 5G technology and innovative applications. He sees the potential for further cooperation between Envac and China, which would be mutually beneficial.

Inlets with different fractions in Lugnet area of Stockholm

“For instance, Sweden has been a pioneer in adopting automated waste collection as a component of their efforts towards sustainable urban development. This initiative began in the 1970s and gained momentum when Sweden was bidding for the 2004 Olympics. This approach aligns with Sweden’s focus on sustainable urban development, where waste is viewed as a valuable resource. Two of the most notable examples are Stockholm Royal Seaport and Hammarby Sjöstad.” said Joakim Karlsson

Having visited China six times, the CEO is fascinated by its rich history, culture, and interactions with customers. He is proud of Envac’s contribution to China’s development and looks forward to continuing this partnership. Some of the key project from China are Yantai Hammarby Eco City, Hainan Cancer Hospital, Suzhou Science & Tech. Hospital, Houzhou Medical Center and Hong Kong Science & Technology Park.

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