The brief

Yantai Hammarby Eco City is an ecological smart city built on an area of 880,000 square meters based on the global eco-city model of the Hammarby lake city project in Stockholm. The project embraces the green system concept of the Hammarby lake city project, aiming to lower energy consumption, improve recycling, and coexist with the green natural environment.

The green area on the site is maintained at 46% and the mission of the project is to strive for excellence in urban sustainable development. The enclosed pneumatic garbage automatic collection system of Yantai Hammarby Eco City mainly collects two fractions of waste; general waste and recyclable waste in the community.

90% reduced waste collection traffic

along with emissions and pollution associated with it

5000 apartments

connected with automated waste collection system

64 outdoor waste inlets

with a total pipe length of 2,500 meters

32% lower carbon emission

the project had an overall footprint of 159,302 T CO2-e

46% green area on site

remarkable performance in reducing environmental impact

Automated waste inlets with a touchless opening require no physical contact that makes the process safe and hygienic

The Touchless Automated Waste Collection System

First residential project fully equipped with touchless inlets that enables a cleaner and safer community for residents

Using closed pipes to automatically collect waste underground creates more public spaces for plants and residential-friendly facilities

Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) eliminates the secondary pollution of household waste and secures a healthy living

When building the Hammarby Eco City in Yantai, we strive to make Swedish innovation, lifestyle, and sustainability advocacy flourish in China. We are delighted to work with Envac and bring its leading vacuum waste collection system to Yantai, as part of our integrated solutions to reduce environmental impact and create a pleasant living experience for the residents.

Environmental impact

Advocating sustainable lifestyle

White Peak designed and built a Sustainability Center at Yantai Hammarby Eco City, showcasing the Hammarby Eco City Model and White Peak’s sustainable development journey in China. The 400m2 Sustainability Centre showcases high quality, health focused, smart and green housing by Nordic standards.

Ecological cycle of water, waste and energy

The quintessential lifestyle is using hot water from 100% renewable sources and saving 14.3% of energy on HVAC systems. With 46% of green space in the residential area, there are watersaving devices such as humidity and raindrop sensors in use for landscaping.

Accolades & Recognition

• BREEAM rated for a sustainable built environment
• Winner of MIPIM Asia Award
• 2022 for Best Green Development Project

Europe – China working together

China-Sweden Hammarby Eco City Alliance is an ambitious initiative that strives to make Swedish innovation, lifestyle and sustainability advocacy flourish in China. Its first project in Yantai is a success and has much resonance with its residents.

– Delegation of the European Union to the People’s Republic of China

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Boosting green development in China

Featured on CGTN, China: Swedish urban development plan in China with Hammarby Eco City Alliance where environmental KPIs are at the core

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