King Abdullah Financial District

King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, empowers businesses through access to advanced office infrastructure and sustainable smart city solutions.

Yantai Hammarby Eco City

Yantai Hammarby Eco City is an ecological smart city built on an area of 880,000 square meters based on the global eco-city model of the Hammarby Sjöstad project in Stockholm.

Wembley Park

The UK’s first pneumatic waste collection system, saving space and boosting recycling rates.


The City of León required a waste solution to serve a historical city without compromising its traditional charm and enable the collection of a large volume of waste without disrupting the atmosphere of this popular tourist destination.

Stockholm Royal Seaport

Envac was selected as waste collection technology partner in order to share the skills, knowledge and expertise gained through being a part of one of Stockholm’s most high-profile developments to date, Hammarby Sjöstad – Sweden’s blueprint for sustainable development.

Jabal Omar

The Jabal Omar Project is a significant urban development project in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, that aims to provide modern and comfortable accommodations for pilgrims visiting the Holy Mosque and the Kaaba

Jewel of the Creek

Jewel of the Creek is a 1 million sqm mixed use development in the Port Saeed area of Deira at the north shore of Dubai Creek. The project incorporates a mix of residential, commercial, hospitality and recreational use and will transform this location to a vibrant urban centre and a prominent landmark in the heart of Dubai.

Lusail Marina District

Lusail City is Qatar’s new smart city.
The Marina District is designed with sustainability in mind and features green spaces, sustainable building practices, and energy-efficient infrastructure.

Jin Sha Zhou Eco-town

Envac has greatly reduced the labour intensity of local cleaning workers. It saves the work and cost of collecting waste layer by layer in the high-rise residential buildings.

Sejong City

Its predicted density, in parallel with governmental plans to make Sejong the country’s second largest administrative city after Seoul, led to the decision to integrate Envac’s system within the fabric of Sejong city’s urban infrastructure.

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