St Olav Hospital, Trondheim, Norway

One of the most notable measures adopted by the hospital is the installation of Envac’s automatic waste collection system. The system is designed to collect four different waste streams: paper, confidential paper, residual, and plastic.

Trondheim, Norway

Nestled in the stunning natural beauty of Norway, the city of Trondheim seamlessly blends cultural richness and architectural elegance. Trondheim’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified by its innovative waste management solutions.

Karla Tower

Karla Tower – the tallest building in the Nordics chooses a smart waste collection system from Envac to easily solve waste management and avoid heavy waste collection traffic.

Meilahti Bridge Hospital

Envac Finland has introduced an enhanced waste disposal system at The Bridge Hospital, which has resulted in improved safety and efficiency. The system covers general waste, soiled linen vertical shafts, and automated platform conveyors on every floor, reducing the need for staff and patients to transport waste through hallways and elevators.

Expo Park Lisbon

Envac’s waste collection system at Expo Park in Lisbon is an underground automated waste collection system that uses a vast network of pipes to transport waste from various locations in the area to a central collection station. The system was implemented in 1998 as part of the infrastructure for Expo ’98 and has since been expanded and modernised to accommodate the area’s growing needs.

Wembley Park

The UK’s first pneumatic waste collection system, saving space and boosting recycling rates.


The City of León required a waste solution to serve a historical city without compromising its traditional charm and enable the collection of a large volume of waste without disrupting the atmosphere of this popular tourist destination.

Stockholm Royal Seaport

Envac was selected as waste collection technology partner in order to share the skills, knowledge and expertise gained through being a part of one of Stockholm’s most high-profile developments to date, Stockholm Royal Seaport – Sweden’s blueprint for sustainable development.

Sorting – Halmstad

The plant is owned and operated by HEM (Halmstad Energi och Miljö AB). It’s built for two fractions, food and rest, with the option to easily extend it to six fractions. The brand new building also contains a pre-treatment facility for the sorted food waste, which becomes biofuel.

Sorting – Linköping

The target is a region Östergötland without fossil fules in 2030. This was the main political factor for the municipality of Linköping to introduce household collection of food waste using optical sorting.

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