Envac’s pneumatic waste collection system is the preferred solution in many cities around the world. It is typically used in mixed areas, where the residential buildings share the system with for example hotels, office buildings, banks, schools, malls, pedestrian streets, parks (with self-emtpying public litterbins). The system is installed in both new developments and consolidated areas, like historical city centers.

Other Areas

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Outdoor disposal point

The inlets, one for each type of waste/reclables, are placed close to the building for comfort. The easier it is to dispose of sorted waste, the more will be sorted.

The sealed system removes foul smell and can be placed close to residential buildings, making littering a
thing of the past. Our system reduces waste collection traffic and the noise, emissions and pollution
associated with it by up to 90%, making city life greener, cleaner and more sustainable.

Waste inlet

The waste inlets are connected to an underground pipe network that transports the bags from the inlets to the waste collection station.

Waste disposals point

The indoor waste disposals points can be placed on each floor or in the entrance hall.

Vertical storage chute

This is where the bags are stored until the chute is reaching full level. Sensors in the chute send a signal to the waste collection station and an emptying circle is started.

Powerful fans, in the station, create an airflow in the pipes. Transport air is let into the system.

Waste collection station

The waste collection station is located as far away as possible from the apartments, ideally close to a main

With Envac there is no longer need for trucks to drive up to each building to collect household waste, it is
collected at the terminal building only.

The area becomes less noisy, the street environment safer and the air cleaner.


Full containers are taken to the recycling center and returned empty.


Self-emptying litterbins can be connected to the system.


Powerful fans create an airflow in the pipes.


The bags are transported to the collection station at 70 kph.

Air inlet valve

The Air inlet valve let transport air into the system at signal from the control system.


The resilient system is part of the smart city’s infrastructure and available 24/7/365.

Diverter valve

The diverter valve directs the bags to the correct cyclone and container.


In the cyclone the transport air is separated from the bags.

Air outlet

The transport air is filtered before being released.


The valve opens on signal when system is pressurized.


Discover the Envac System

The waste inlets connect to an underground pipe network that transport the waste at 70kph speed, using negative airflow that sucks the bags to a remote collection station. The collection station can be located as far away as 2 km from the central urban area, reducing the impact of heavy traffic, such as noise, air pollution, and traffic jams.

Watch the video and follow the waste bag from the waste inlet through the system.


With our next-generation solutions for recycling, Envac leads the way in shaping a more sustainable future and the circular economy. Our sorting solutions can be used by cities of all sizes and reduce transport and collection costs by at least 50% compared to competing systems.

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The mobile vacuum system was developed during the late 1980s as a complement to Envac’s stationary vacuum system. Since then, thousands of residential areas, particularly in the Nordic countries, have been enhanced with Envac’s mobile vacuum systems.

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Our innovative waste collection system helps shape smart and sustainable cities. By reducing emissions and providing clean, green and sanitary waste inlets for both residents and commercial actors, we want to improve the quality-of-life in the city.

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