About Ersta hospital project

The hospital belongs to Ersta diakoni, and the oldest part of its operations started as early as 1864. Ersta hospital comprises several buildings and is located on Folkungagatan in Södermalm, Stockholm. The hospital area extends down to Folkungagatan in the south and up to Erstagatan in the east.

Ersta diakoni is a non-profit organisation that professionally operates healthcare, social work, education, and research without aiming for profit. The hospital offers specialised healthcare, as well as patient-oriented research and education for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel.

The new part of the hospital opened in 2023 and faces Folkungagatan. The newly built area covers approximately 23,000 square meters. The hospital includes a pharmacy and café on the ground floor, an underground garage, a logistics centre in the basement, patient wards, a dining hall at the top, and several rooftop terraces.

The spaces are bright and modern, reflecting contemporary design with features such as benches made of recycled wood and art installations throughout the floors.

To optimise the internal logistics at the hospital, Ersta hospital chose Envac to install a pneumatic chute system for both waste and laundry. On each floor, there are 2+2 chutes that lead down to the basement, where the waste is sucked into a container, and the laundry is distributed into laundry carts.

On each floor, the chutes are complemented by environmental rooms where staff can leave other (smaller and sorted) waste fractions in bins or bags.

Architects for the building are: Tengbom, Emma Olbers Design, Nyréns arkitektkontor, RATIO.

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2 fractions

residual waste & soiled linen

32 inlets

4 chutes on every floor, 2 for residual waste and 2 for laundry

23,000 m² GFA

new, flexible spaces for modern healthcare

125 tonnes/year

capacity for residual waste

Ersta hospital is a prime example of how pneumatic waste systems can ensure efficient and safe handling of waste and laundry, combined with well-thought-out solutions for other internal logistics.
Patients, staff, and visitors do not have to share corridors and lifts with waste and dirty laundry, which also reduces the spread of infections!

Awards for Ersta hospital

The hospital’s new construction has garnered significant attention and has been awarded both the Stockholm Building of the Year 2024 and the Monocle Design Awards, Best Healthcare category 2024.

View over the rooftop terrace and Norra Sofia from the upper rooftop terrace. Photo: Envac
Inlet for residual waste. Photo: Envac
Roof top terrace. Photo: Envac
The beautiful, airy entrance. Photo. Envac


Our innovative waste collection system helps shape smart and sustainable cities. By reducing emissions and providing clean, green and sanitary waste inlets for both residents and commercial actors, we want to improve the quality-of-life in the city.

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