301 Hospital

Beijing 301 hospital is known as one of the premier hospitals in China. Since 2009 two Envac systems solves the collection of general hospital waste and soiled linen. The systems are exclusively designed for Beijing 301 hospital. They are environmentally friendly, safe and hygienic.

Hainan Cancer Hospital

A cutting edge hospital in Haikou City, China, designed to promote optimism, empowerment and rehabilitation, as well as foster a sense of community for staff, clients and visitors.

Jin Sha Zhou Eco-town

Envac has greatly reduced the labor intensity of local cleaning workers. It saves the work and cost of collecting waste.

Sejong City

Its predicted density, in parallel with governmental plans to make Sejong the country’s second largest administrative city after Seoul, led to the decision to integrate Envac’s system within the fabric of Sejong city’s urban infrastructure.

Godeok Gracium

Envac presents an inlet with weighing feature for the food waste, based on the concept of the “pay-as-you-throw” system.

Suzhou Science & Technology Town Hospital

Suzhou Science and Technology City Hospital is a three-level general public hospital in Jiangsu province.

Beijing Tongzhou New Town

Envac helped Beijing’s Tongzhou New Town on the way to achieving the region’s goal of better air quality by reducing the number of waste collection vehicle on the streets.

Tianjin Eco-City

Tianjin Eco-City is a groundbreaking development underpinned by visionary goals including a desire to create a city that is environmentally friendly and resource efficient.

The Hong Kong Science & Technology Park

The Hong Kong Science & Technology Park (HKSTP) is a ecosystem home to one of the world’s most state-of-the-art laboratories and research and development sites.


The Envac system replaced 80 waste collection vehicles with an underground pipe network, while creating a blueprint for future-proofed waste collection in India.

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