Envac North America Receives AIA Approval for Accredited Educational Program

Newark, DE, July 7, 2023

Envac North America has recently been approved by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) educational program for a program on automated waste and soiled linen removal systems in hospitals.  This accredited course will educate design and construction professionals on the benefits, design, and implementation of automated waste and soiled linen removal systems as a solution to complex waste handling challenges in healthcare settings.

The course will address staff and patient safety and efficiencies through automated handling of waste, recycling, and soiled linens.  This program will also expand attendees’ understanding of system capabilities, components, architectural and application parameters and technological advancements. The course will provide 1 LU/HSW for participating AIA members.

The course is available live as Course Number AIA05122023  or On Demand at aia.org as Course Number AIA05042023 , and will teach the following:

Learning Objective 1:  Understanding Pneumatic Waste Conveying Systems

· Be able to identify the components and working principles of pneumatic waste conveying systems.

· Be able to explain the advantages and limitations of pneumatic waste conveying systems compared to traditional waste management methods.

· Learn the different types of waste that can be handled by pneumatic systems and the corresponding alternative methods of management.

Learning Objective 2:  Life Safety, Health and Wellness

· Gain an understanding of the safety considerations associated with pneumatic waste conveying systems, including injury prevention, reduction in air borne pathogens and cross contamination.

· Explore strategies for promoting employee well-being and minimizing health risks in environments that utilize pneumatic waste systems.

Learning Objective 3:  Alternate Methods of Waste Management

· Compare and contrast pneumatic waste conveying systems with other alternative waste management methods, such as gravity chutes, vacuum systems, and manual collection.

· Evaluate the environmental sustainability and cost-effectiveness of pneumatic waste systems in relation to traditional waste disposal methods.

Learning Objective 4:  Technological Advancements

· Explore the latest technological advancements in pneumatic waste and linen removal systems.

· Investigate emerging trends and innovations in the field of pneumatic waste management and their potential implications for future system design.

Learning Objective 5:  Design and Application Guidelines

· Develop a comprehensive understanding of the design considerations and best practices for implementing pneumatic waste conveying systems.

· Learn the factors influencing system capacity, layout, and routing, considering building codes, space constraints, and user requirements.

Contact Envac North America directly to learn more about automated waste and soiled linen removal systems and how they can streamline the collection, transport and removal of waste and linen from your facility. Our systems remove infectious materials from corridors and elevators, decrease elevator requirements, reduce staff injuries, and increase profitability by reducing FTE’s, workers compensation claims and infection rates.  You can reach us at get-facts@airconvey.com or 302-266-0555.  Our team is also available to book live “Lunch & Learn” group events to deliver this course material for AIA credit.

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